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Merkrete Hydro Guard 1 Waterproofing Membrane, Gallon

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Merkrete Hydro Guard 1 Waterproofing Membrane, Gallon

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Merkrete Hydro Guard 1 is a load-bearing membrane made of a modified elastomeric copolymer that is thin and flexible. Hydro Guard 1 delivers a 100 percent waterproof membrane covering while preventing the transfer of substrate cracks to the finished overlay thanks to its exceptional elongation capabilities and strong strength. The membrane is implanted in a liquid condition and can be used to create almost any shape or form (i.e., base flashings, parapets, walls, etc.).

Product Specifications

Size: 1 Gal. Pail
Commercial / Residential: Commercial / Residential
Type: Hydro Guard 1
MPN (Part No.): 1802-mkt

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