Non Shunted Tombstone Socket

Non Shunted Tombstone Socket

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MPN: FX013
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Non Shunted Tombstone Socket
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  • Non shunted tombstone socket for use with Single ended power G 13 bi-pin based LED lamps.

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MPN (Part No.): FX013

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  • are these for t-8 bulbs and can they accept the wireing

    these sockets are for t-8 bulbs single ended tubes.

  • Do these sockets fit all fixtures? Are they universal?

    these sockets fit only  Single Ended Power bulbs.

  • How many tombstones per bulb

     1 Non-Shunted tombstones per bulb.

  • Does this tombstone come with black and white wire or a place to wire them

    Two wire ports per terminal for easy harness wiring. NON-SHUNTED 2 HOLE SOCKETS.

  • Can these tombstones be screw attached and also slide on attached?

    This Non Shunted Tombstone Socket is Slide on Attached.

  • Are these dimmable?


  • Picture doesn't show where wires go, do they instal under the base and can you daisy chain over to a second bulb in the same fixture?

    They're actually installed at the top, where there are the 2 white pieces that kind of stick out. You would daisychain then from the top and over.

  • Can these sockets be added to a 8' light

    Yes, and non shunted tombstones are typically used with direct wire single ended tubes.

  • what is the size long or short

    These little tombstones are almost 2inches long.


    They're about 2 inches long. 

  • Can I change the ends on my old Flouresent to make the T8 clear bulbs fit without blowing the bulbs

    I don't know what you mean but no we don't recommend messing with the tubes as it will void your warranty. 
    Non-shunted tombstones are required for direct-wire. 

  • Whats the height on this product and were does the wiring connection go?

    It's about 1.5inches high and the wires go inside there where the slots are for the 2 currents. 

  • Are these even needed when an existing fluorescent fixture is being used by eliminating the ballast and using powered one-end TB022?

    Yes, they're completely needed.

  • Can you just use the tombstone on one end of the light fixture by just cutting of the wires?

    If you're doing a single-ended installation, you'll only need it on the side you're wiring.

  • Any T8 linear fixture socket will not fit?

    These are meant for single-ended installations.