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Power Pack-Single Bluetooth Wireless Control System 0-10V

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Power Pack-Single Bluetooth Wireless Control System 0-10V

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The Keilton Bluetooth control system allows wirelessly operating an LED lighting fixture. It is a simple device that will integrate with an LED fixture’s wiring and use the Bluetooth ‘mesh’ system to perform various lighting functions. Upon integration with an existing lighting fixture, you will have to connect this 120-277Volt (AC) Bluetooth power pack to the Keilton mobile App. The application (app) will allow you to control the brightness and color temperature of a luminaire. Furthermore, installing this Bluetooth power pack will also allow you to schedule an LED light on and off cycles. Choosing the ‘dual-channel’ 0-10V Bluetooth Mesh power pack will offer dimming and color tuning options. However, you will have to check its compatibility with your LED lighting fixture. If On the other hand, you can also choose the ‘single-channel’ 0-10V Bluetooth Mesh Power Pack, which is compatible with all kinds of 0-10V LED drivers.

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MPN (Part No.): PP004
Return Policy: 30 Days Return

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