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Random Strip Bianco Venatino Polished Marble Mosaic - Piece

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Random Strip Bianco Venatino Polished Marble Mosaic - Piece

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Color/Finish: Bianco Venatino Polished

Bianco Venatino Honed

Bianco Venatino Polished

Pack Size: Piece
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The impactful random strip Bianco Venatino polished marble mosaic design integrates utility and inspiration in rustic pattern form. The polished finish that this travertine delivers is phenomenal. Plus, the random stripe pattern is so sleek and stylish that it is captivating. This captivation encourages people to the extent that they are becoming quite fond of the design. The way it adds charm to the looks of your interior is praiseworthy indeed. Simultaneously, this design is the perfect symphony of modernity with newness.

Maintaining the ever-so-lasting shine of this marble mosaic is relatively easy, giving you the comfort of cleaning it. A simple damp cloth will be sufficient to turn it into a clean as new. This is an environment-friendly option for your interiors for sure, as it does not contain any harmful contents. For instance, you can use this product to decorate the bedding wall, which will ultimately be the center of attraction in your bedroom. As an influencing piece of decorating the walls, this panel is the most suitable yet attractive option if you are looking for something unique yet corresponding to your style. From a durability standpoint, the marble material is highly durable and is long-lasting. The sheet will not damage, and its look will not tamper.

Product Specifications

Size: 12 x 12 Inch
lbs per Pallet: 1994 lbs
lbs per box: 55.38 lbs
Pcs per box: 10
Sqft per Pallet: 360 sq. ft.
Sqft per box: 10 sq. ft.
Box per Pallet: 36
Collection: Bianco Venatino
Material: Marble
SKU: 5001-0029-0-1PC
Finish: Polished
MPN (Part No.): 5001-0029-0

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