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Strip to Strip 2pin Connector IP20 - BUILDMyplace

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Strip to Strip 2pin Connector IP20 - BUILDMyplace

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  • 30 Days Return
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Strip to strip 2pin Connector with IP20 feature. This strip to strip joint connector is suitable for 10mm  LED flexible strip. Available in two colors -- Clear and Black.

  • This strip to strip 2pin connecter is rated IP20 which means the product is dust-tight but non-waterproof. 
  • The product is 100% plastic.  
  • Applicable to LED5050 and LED2835.
  • The product is UL, CE & RoHS certified.

Product Specifications

Width: 10 mm
Certifications: UL, CE & RoHS certified
Housing: 100% plastic
MPN (Part No.): ST030
Fixture Color: Clear
IP Rating: IP20 Rated
Return Policy: 30 Days Return

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