Strip-to-Wire Soldering Free Connector - 8mm - 2 Pin

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Strip-to-Wire Soldering Free Connector - 8mm - 2 Pin

Regular price $0.51
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Product description

Strip to Wire 2pin Connector with IP20 feature. This strip to wire connector is suitable for 8mm strip. Available in Clear and Black. No need to use soldering iron. 

  • Now connect LED strip light to wire with the help of a 2-pin connector for power source or for connection to another strip. This helps in reducing gaps when running a longer strip lighting project.
  • The 2-pin strip-to-wire connector is meant for use in single color strip lights. 
  • This connector is non-waterproof, for making it waterproof, additional treatment may be required.  
  • UL, CE and RoHS certificate for complete product safety of use. 

Product Specifications

Certifications: UL, CE & RoHS certified
Housing: 100% plastic
MPN (Part No.): ST025
Width: 8 mm
Fixture Color: Clear
IP Rating: IP20 Rated
Return Policy: 30 Days Return
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