How Does A Massage Shower Jet System Work?

by Team BuildMyplace on Feb 03, 2022

shower panel systems

The shower panel systems have become a significant luxury alternative in recent times. As technology advances, we are feeling the urge to get the best thing possible. This is to make our lives convenient and make them work on our terms. Believing in that phenomenon, industries are trying their level best to provide what’s better for us and to influence luxury. Shower panel systems are also a part of that luxurious necessity. This multi-functional technology offers a relaxing atmosphere to us while bathing.

Understanding shower panel systems

A shower panel system is comprised of a showerhead, handheld shower, in-built thermostat mixer, massaging body jets, temperature display, etcetera. All these features combine altogether to give you a relaxing bathing experience.

In order to find comfort, the body jet massage feature in your shower panel systems is a must as it soothes your senses and releases the pressure from your nerves.

shower panel systems

What is the massage feature? 

In shower jet systems, the massage feature plays a vital role as it delivers the appropriate pressure on your pressure points to give you a relaxing feel. In the flat panel, you can observe multiple body spray hole features. These multiple spray holes pour out an adequate amount of water through certain angles. You can adjust the pressure in the shower jet system to appropriate power. Depending on the GPM of your shower jets system, you can find the comfort of the massage feature during your bath. Power jets are supposedly helpful as it rejuvenates your tired muscles. The diverter allows controlling the multiple jets.

How does it work?

The multiple jets in a shower jet system enable the massage feature, but the way it works and its after-effect is beyond explanation. The water comes in a pressurized manner and enables the massage feature. This pressurized water allows the jets to massage your vulnerably-tired body parts that contract in a hectic schedule, such as the lower back, muscles, shoulders, thighs, etcetera. It is because of the even jet distribution phenomenon. Furthermore, a multiple shower jet system requires a diverter that initiates the water flow regulation. It enables water to dispense from the multiple shower jet system. The shower jet system is available in multiple jet options. Starting from a 2-jet panel to a fully loaded 8-jets system. All can deliver a massaging experience during your bath but in a slightly different manner, depending on the flow rate and jet quantity. You can choose the shower panel systems as per your requirement and budget.

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