Shower Panel Tower - Points To Consider

by Team BuildMyplace on Feb 07, 2022

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A shower panel tower or shower panel system is the ultimate combo of multiple features and scenic beauty that is enabled in your bathing area. Their awestruck looks can compel almost anyone to endeavor to find a graceful shower tower that will aptly complement the bathroom’s decor. But, not just looks, the efficient features of a shower panel tower make it an ideal choice too. Features like an in-built mixer, diverter, multiple massage body jets, rainfall/waterfall shower, etcetera combine al-together to complete the shower panel system.

Moving forward, you might want to know the factors responsible for creating this increasing hype of a shower tower. Well, apart from the act that these shower panel towers are multi-functional, they are complimenting in nature. Its looks can charm the way your bathroom looks. Simultaneously, the efficient features responsible for a comforting bathing experience are also reasonable for this growing preference for shower panel systems. Let’s have a look at what influences a buyer's attention?

Shower Tower System’s Design

First of all, while buying a shower tower, the primary focus of any consumer is to find an appealing design that will look apt in their bathroom and complement their aura. So, the design will be the primary focus. Because what so ever the features of the panel contains, people must be satisfied by the way it looks.

Shower Area Space

Of course, it needs to be considered that the panel you are optic for is equivalent to your shower area. Therefore, the panel should neither be too small nor too tall. However, doing so might not provide you the comfort of a relaxing shower as it is supposed to because the space won’t allow the panel to work appropriately.

Functions of a Shower Panel Tower

Moving forward, the features and functioning are the influencing factors in shower panel tower because all the features that ease our lives and benefit us attract us the most. From a wide-angle shower distribution to multiple body jets, all these functions of a shower panel system combine to make an efficient product that everyone will prefer in their bathing are

Points to ensure in an appropriate shower tower

  • Size of the shower panel tower - As discussed above, the size of the shower panel tower matters the most. If you opt for a tall option and your bathroom’s ceiling is not heightened enough, then it's an absolute waste, so opt accordingly.
  • Numbers of body jets - The more, the merrier phrase goes best with the massager body jets as the more jets-enabled panel you’ll opt for, the more relaxing bath you’ll get.
  • Water diverter  - A diverter comes with an appropriate GPM that ensures an even water flow rate when you switch the water setting.
  • Multiple settings - The multiple setting includes a headshower, handheld shower, body jets, tub spout, etcetera. These features complete the look of your shower panel tower and are necessary for a panel.

Budget: The Prominent Influencer

If we come to think about buying something exclusive, then the budget is certainly the prominent influencer there. This is because your budget can make or break your decision. A more efficient shower panel will surely cost more. But, it is for the better, of course, as it will include more massaging body jets, a wide showerhead, and other promising features. So, if your budget allows you to upgrade your bathroom with a multiple processing shower panel system, then you must go for it. Make it an addition in your bathroom and cherish a soothing bathing experience.

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