COREtec SPC Flooring: Everything You Should Know

by Team BuildMyplace on Aug 01, 2022

COREtec SPC flooring


With the variety of styles and designs, the task of choosing COREtec flooring has become quite overwhelming. The flooring type has continuously become the primary choice of many homeowners to add the appeal of warmth and durable hardwood flooring. In the flooring industry, COREtec SPC flooring, known as rigid core luxury vinyl flooring, is immensely getting much attention for being one of the most durable and attractive alternatives to pure hardwood flooring. Not only eye-catching looks but affordability also makes it a much better and more acceptable option that offers an excellent balance of durability and abundance. If you are curious to know what makes COREtec flooring best, you are at the right place.

In this blog, you will find interesting information to understand what exactly COREtec SPC vinyl flooring is and how it benefits you.

What is COREtec SPC Flooring?

What is COREtec SPC Flooring

In the modern market of flooring, many reputed brands have already increased the competition to the peak. Still, COREtec flooring is known as the top-selling and one of the best floorings available in the market. The COREtec SPC flooring stands for stone-plastic composite, which means it contains a rigid core to deliver durable and long-lasting performance. Along with durability, the flooring offers a complete waterproof specialty. So, you do not need to worry about any type of liquid as it is not resistant to water or moisture but is actually waterproof. Furthermore, the amazing quality of this COREtec flooring ensures that kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms also enhance their appearance by using it.

Layers of COREtec SPC Vinyl Flooring

Layers of COREtec SPC Vinyl Flooring

The durability of COREtec SPC vinyl flooring depends on the layers used to create it. Basically, the flooring is made of four layers, but it can vary according to the manufacturer.

  • Wear Layer: The function of the wear layer is to offer the ultimate protection to your floor from wear and tear. In comparison to other flooring types, COREtec SPC vinyl flooring has a thick wear layer to provide extra protection.
  • Design Layer: Now, the design layer of this luxury vinyl plank flooring will deliver an identical look to natural materials like wood and stone that enhance your feel.
  • SPC Core Layer: The SPC layer of the flooring is ultra thick to maintain its durability for years. Furthermore, it will not bubble, swell, or peel even if you drop a significant amount of liquid on it.
  • Backing Layer: Finally, the backing layer, or we can say the bottom layer plays an important role in supporting the plank.

Where Does COREtec SPC Flooring Benefit the Most?

 Where Does COREtec SPC Flooring Benefit the Most

After knowing that COREtec SPC vinyl flooring is ultra-durable and waterproof, it is beneficial to use this flooring in some places where high traffic and water are common. Some places that come in regular use are mentioned below, where you can utilize all the advantages of COREtec flooring.

  • Kitchens: It is a regular place where traffic level is quite high, or it comes in use whole the day. Using SPC flooring in the kitchen is a good idea as it is completely waterproof and strong enough to last with time.
  • Bathrooms: As we already know, if you use it in your bathroom, where the water flow is consistent and high, COREtec waterproof flooring will not let you down for many years. Plus, it can efficiently maintain its beauty and realistic appearance.
  • Basements: If you have a basement, it will be a great option for you to install rigid core flooring as you will get a strong base with waterproof quality.
  • Commercial Areas: The flooring is perfect for maintaining its durability and withstanding high traffic, making it ideal for grocery stores, commercial shops, and other places where movement happens frequently.

Is COREtec SPC Flooring Toxic?

Is COREtec SPC Flooring Toxic

When it comes to eco-friendly, COREtec SPC vinyl flooring is a healthy choice as it is free from toxic materials. Many other flooring types include some dangerous substances to get more rigid and robust. But, this flooring type is far better than others in terms of quality and is environmentally friendly. Thus, the flooring is one of the viable options to use in homes or any other interiors where vigorous and adorning flooring is quite necessary.


Now, selecting a beneficial and excellent flooring is not tough as you know almost every important detail regarding COREtec SPC flooring. Therefore, installing this type of flooring in your interiors is not a bad idea as you are introducing the best option for enhancing your location’s ambiance as well as offering strength to the flooring. Plus, the waterproof quality of COREtec flooring will allow you to enrich your interior decor by using it anywhere, even if the moisture rate is high. If you need to find the best quality flooring, COREtec flooring in Louisville, Kentucky, visit BuildMyplace and find a suitable one.

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