Frequently Asked Questions on COREtec Flooring

by Team BuildMyplace on Aug 02, 2022

COREtec flooring


The flooring industry has taken a massive turn in order to find something durable yet comforting. The primary focus has shifted from just looks to longevity. COREtec flooring is one of the best flooring options that one can consider for their indoors as it comes with several exquisite features. The versatility of the flooring is that it blends with almost every indoors and tends to offer an engaging look. Unlike conventional floorings, COREtec vinyl flooring does not include a time-taking installation procedure. If you are a DIYer, you can consider doing it on your own.

Furthermore, COREtec pro vinyl flooring is an excellent flooring option for residential as well as commercial spaces. Their features make them a great alternative that effortlessly lasts for a really long time.

If you are new to this whole vinyl flooring concept and want to know why COREtec is considered one of the best, then you will find your answers here in the frequently asked questions section. Here are some queries that most people have regarding COREtec flooring. So, let’s have a look at them.

What is COREtec?

What is COREtec

When it comes to luxury vinyl plank flooring, COREtec is one of the leading brands that deals in the best-quality vinyl flooring. The COREtec flooring comes with several exquisite features like water-resistant, kid and pet-friendly, IXPE-pad attachment, etcetera. In addition, there are some other flooring types in the COREtec family like the COREtec Plus, COREtec pro flooring, COREtec pro plus, etcetera. These COREtec pro vinyl floorings are supposedly a luxurious addition for the indoors as you can feel its warmer yet comfy touch when you walk on them.

Does COREtec Need an Underlayment?

Does COREtec Need an Underlayment

Not necessarily, as most COREtec vinyl flooring comes with an already attached underlayment layer, called the IXPE pad attached COREtec flooring. As a result, they dampen the sound of footsteps walking on them. Also, they don’t require gluing down as they are installed with the floating method. Therefore, this feature makes the COREtec pro vinyl flooring a superior flooring choice for places where several flooring types are not suitable.

Will My Dog Scratch My COREtec flooring?

Will My Dog Scratch My COREtec flooring

The COREtec pro flooring is extremely beneficial for people with pets as they are pet-friendly. The vinyl planks do not get ruined via scratches. Also, the water-resistance rate of COREtec waterproof flooring is pretty great. So, the planks will not swell or fade if your pet peed on them.

Can I Install COREtec in my Basement?

Can I Install COREtec in my Basement

COREtec vinyl flooring is highly recommended for moisture-prone locations like the kitchen, dining area, and basement. Compared to other rigid flooring options, COREtec flooring contains a smooth and softer surface with some other benefits that are excellent from a longevity standpoint. 


COREtec flooring is an exquisite option with several efficient features. They are durable and replicate textures or authentic hardwood flooring. These are some of the reasons why the COREtec vinyl flooring has taken over the flooring industry.

However, the COREtec waterproof flooring is not eligible for outdoor applications as the outdoor environment might ruin them. Also, the warranty policy is not applicable if you use the COREtec vinyl flooring for outdoor purposes.

Moreover, if you wish to know more about COREtec pro flooring, you can visit BuildMyplace. Our flooring experts will help you out making a decision by explaining the facts and features of COREtec flooring and its elements.

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