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Collection: Colored Pendant

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About Colored Pendant

Pendant lightings are commonly known for their cohesive look. They are a well-known illuminating agent for indoor purposes, mainly in areas like kitchen, study, and bathrooms. The demand for pendants with tint is on rise due to the warm and energetic appeal they wrap around. Especially, the red color light shade is unbeatable because of the high energy vibes it brings along. After all, a pinch of an additional color can set the right mood for you. A balanced twist of the right color brings a charming character to your home.

Are Colored pendants the right choice for me?

LED Glass pendants are considered an excellent source of energy due to the appearance they transcend through the glasses in the area. Additionally, when the right amount of coloring is applied to the glass, it all together becomes a mood enhancer. If you are someone who loves experimenting, then you would enjoy playing with the multi-color variety of hanging lights. At the same time, if you are a person who is more into the minimalistic approach, then you should give a second thought while selecting the shades of the regular version.

Where Can I use the Coloured pendant lights?

The dining area and kitchens are the two most prominent areas of the home where the pendant lights are used. Depending on the requirements and designs, one can choose the number of pendants for specific purposes. If you want to illuminate the dining zone, then you might need a couple of pendants, so as to have a scope of making patterns of regular and colorful fixtures. The same is the case with the kitchen as well.

For the entertainment area of the house, pendants provide outstanding lighting effects that help you to enhance the mood. In the lobby and corridors of commercial buildings, the colored decorations do the job elegantly as it provides an aesthetic appeal to the visitors.

Choosing the Right Size

Selecting the right lighting installations for your place is a task that you cannot take lightly. It is essential for two reasons- first, to avoid wastage of money and the second is of getting the best results with your lighting fixtures. If you want to light up a large area, then the size and the placement of the pendant lighting will matter a lot. For a comparatively smaller place, choosing the little to mid-size fixtures is advisable.

Regular Pendant Lights vs. Coloured Glass pendant lights

Options for regular pendant lights are unarguably more in comparison to the colored version of the pendant lights. The chances of suitability and matching it with home décor are much better because of its variety and neutral nature. Colored pendants are not that useful if we talk about the versatility, as aesthetics should be in coherence when you choose to install shaded light combinations. With colored ones, you can make good use of available multiple shades as per the painting and décor schema of your home.

Precautions during Colored pendant installation

We are dividing this part into two segments namely installation and maintenance to do more justice to this part. There are several installation precautions one should bear in mind both for best results as well as safety.

During installation, make sure you are accompanied by at least one person so that in case of any unexpected event, the issue can be addressed instantly. If the ceiling has a vault in it, then put your 100% attention to all vital hardware like connectors, suspension components and dimmer. Now comes the vital part that is maintaining and fixing.

How to maintain and replace the light fixtures?

Buy a pendant that comes with a replaceable lighting socket so that in an event when the LED turns out faulty, you can easily replace it. Additionally, the cleaning of all the fixtures is a periodic but tedious task. It becomes even tougher when the components are made of glass. Items made from glass are fragile in nature, so are your pendant lights. Therefore, during installation and uninstallation give due care to the process. Also, in the case of colored pendants do not use those cleaning agents which react with the colors.