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Collection: Dining Tables

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About Dining Tables

A good dining room table should be within your budget, solidly built, and the design & style should be chosen carefully because good furniture should last for a minimum of 5 to 10 years.

Choosing the Right Dining Table for Your Space

Most prominent features to consider while buying a dining table are listed below:

Determining the Size of the Dining Table

The first thing to consider is the size of the dining table. It should easily fit in the available dining space, and there should be enough room left over for chairs and guests to move around freely. Ideally, there should be at least 3 feet of space from all sides of the table to the walls, including the area for the chairs.
A drop-leaf dining table can be the right choice if you're limited on space in the dining area but still need a bigger table for occasional parties and get together.

Deciding on the Dining Table Shape

If you have a smaller dining room, you can go for a round or oval-shaped dining table because the cut-off corners give a little more space to move around. A round dining table is suitable for a square dining room, and you can go for an oval design if the room is rectangular but with limited space. For larger dining space, a rectangular dining table is the best option because you can fit more guests and still have enough space left for the serving pieces.

How to pick the base support for a Dining Table?

The base of the dining table is something you can't ignore while zeroing in on which dining table to purchase. Typically, there are three types of bases for dining tables - Legs, Pedestals, and Trestles. Apart from providing support to the dining table, the kind of base can affect how many people you can fit at the table. Part of buying a new table is checking to see if there is enough space underneath for your knees and whether you can easily cross your legs or not.

Choosing the Dining Table Material

Choose the material that best fits your budget, is easy to clean and maintain, and goes well with your style and dining room setting.


Solid wood is easiest to repair and fits in a traditional or classical dining room environment. The sophistication of a wood dining table comes from its natural lines and woodgrain, but it's usually more expensive than other materials. Different colored varnishes and lacquer polish can enhance the natural color of wood dining tables to match your kitchen and dining room style.

Wood Veneer:

Wood veneer could be your less expensive alternative for solid wood. A veneer is made by gluing a thin layer of polished solid wood, or a material with wood-like print on it, to the surface of a plywood or particleboard at high pressure and temperature for a natural wood look.

While choosing a veneer, make sure the veneer itself is high quality, and that the wooden layer is present on both sides of the veneer board. Be sure to also check if the board is CARB compliant.

Granite, Marble, and other Stone: 

Granite & Marble are currently trending as far as kitchen countertops, and similar color stone can also be used in dining tabletops to keep the flow. Stone-top dining tables go well with classical dining room styles, but please note that most stone tops are porous and can absorb food and beverage stains if not cleaned up immediately.

Polished is not the same as sealed! Apart from granite and marble, you can also choose quartz or cast stone (cement) for your dining tabletop.


Dining tables with glass tabletops provide a bright, airy look and create an illusion of more space in a small dining area. A glass tabletop emphasizes the beauty of the base and interior, so be sure to select a base that is both elegant and timeless.


The biggest advantage of a metal dining table is its high durability and resistance to damage. You can choose from a wide range of brass, stainless steel, steel and bronze dining tables with the option to select painted or metallic finishes like chrome, nickel, copper, and more. A metal table base blended with tabletops such as glass, stone or even plastic can give a contemporary modern style to the dining space.

Plastic and Laminates:

Synthetic polymers molded as a dining tabletop or glued onto the plywood or particleboard as a laminate is a durable and less expensive option than other materials. The plastic or laminate is easy to clean and maintain but is often not considered fine quality material.

You can browse through our exclusive collection of dining tables at and choose the one that goes well with your dining space.