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Collection: Mattresses

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About Mattresses

As important as it is to get 8 hours of night-time sleep, it is also essential to check the quality of sleep. Sleeping for 8, 9, or even 10 hours won't help you if the quality of sleep is not good. Resting for some time (anywhere between 6 hrs to 8 hrs) without waking up in between is a marker of high-quality sleep.

Nonetheless, some people do not need eighth-hour-long sleep to feel fresh. Lucky for these people, their genetic makeup makes them a short-sleeper! Short-sleepers will always feel bright and energetic after a minimal sleep of 3-4 hours. The rest of us should try and get as much sleep as possible because sleep-time has a direct impact on our health and life. 

Eight hours of sleep each day, every day is not possible. Modern-day lifestyle makes it difficult for most people to sleep for long hours. However, it is quite possible to get quality sleep each day, every day. Quality of sleep is the point where mattresses join your sleep routine. 

The mattress you sleep on has a vital role in determining the quality of sleep. It is because of the simple fact that a mattress provides you with the comfort needed for a sound, quality sleep. As you lay down on a mattress, your body relaxes, at this point, a right mattress will take the shape of your body and accommodate you in comfort.

To decide on the right type of mattress, you will have to check on the following list:

  • Will you sleep single or with a partner?
  • Do you sleep still or move while sleeping?
  • What is your body type?
  • Which position is the best for you to fall asleep?
  • Whether you like rigid(hard) or flexible (soft) mattresses?

Having clear answers to the questions listed above will help you pick out thebest mattress from a myriad of mattresses available in popularmattress stores

Although there are different kinds of mattresses available, both online and in physical stores, the following are the most popular types of mattresses:

1. Innerspring mattresses

An innerspring mattress is the one that features the use of multiple springs that form a bed for the comfort (foam) layer above the springs.

2. Memory foam mattresses:

Memory foam mattresses feature the use of dense viscoelastic polyurethane foam. 

3. Gel Memory Foam mattress:

Gel Memory Foam mattresses feature a layer of cooling gel on top of the memory foam layer.

Based on the size, these are the most popular types of mattresses:

Queen size mattresses:

A queen size mattress measures at 60" x 80". It is the ideal mattress size for single sleepers who prefer a wider sleeping space. This type of mattress is the best for the master bedroom. This is perfect for couples and single people who like to have extra space.

King size mattresses:

A king size mattress measures 76" x 80". It is the ideal mattress for couples that prefer a spacious bed. Such mattresses accommodate children and pets without having to compromise personal sleep space.

Twin Mattress:

Perfect for studio apartments, this size of mattress is for a single sleeper. The size of this mattress is 38" x 75". This mattress is a good fit for single people or kids.

Full size mattress:

This size of mattress is best for young adults and for cuddlers. The size of this mattress is 53" x 75". This size of mattress is a good fit for the guest rooms or for the people who are liking alone for the first time. Not suitable for couples who like to sleep with their pets. 

Twin XL:

The size of this mattress is 38" X 80" and is suitable for taller teenagers and college dorm rooms. This mattress also finds its application with individuals with limited space.

California King:

The size of this mattress is 72" X 84" and is the longest one in the market. This is suitable for couples with pets or children. The extra length also makes it suitable for taller individuals. 

Let's go through some FAQs about mattresses for a better understanding of the same.

What is a Memory Foam Mattress?

Amemory foam mattress is a firm and durable mattress that features Memory foam, a type of viscoelastic polyurethane foam. As the name suggests, memory foam mattress regains its original shape once the person laying on it gets off. Hence, it is safe to say that a memory foam mattress remembers its form, whatever may come!

What is the difference between an innerspring mattress and a memory foam mattress?

An Innerspring mattress will have a bed of springs at its core. This bed of springs acts as a support for the layer of dense polyfoam packed on it. Contrary to innerspring mattresses, a memory foam mattress does not have any springs. It consists of a single piece of polyurethane foam.

As both innerspring mattresses and memory foam mattresses have different construction, the level of comfort they offer is not the same.

What are the qualities of the right mattress?

A right mattress should be firm so that it provides adequate back support as you sleep on it. The mattress should regain its original shape once you get off it. The best mattress will be one that provides excellent back support while offering a sinking-in feel to the sleeper.

How much does a good mattress cost?

Some mattresses range from $150 or less to a whopping $5000 or even more, available in the market. However, it is easy to find good mattresses at a reasonable price of $1000 or lesser.

Defying the popular misconception (that pricier mattresses are always better), you should consider mattresses sales that various online mattress stores have to offer.

Is a twin size mattress the same as a full size mattress?

No. A twin mattress measures at 38"" x 79.5"" (96.5 x 202 cms) whereas, a full-size mattress measures at 53 by 74 ½ inches. (134.5 by 189 cms) Twin size mattresses are best for single sleepers who are tall for the standard size mattresses.

Full-size mattresses (also known as the standard size) are perfect for single sleepers who need extra bed space. (width)

What is the average life of a mattress?

The average age of any mattress, regardless of its type, is seven years. However, the lifespan of a mattress depends on various factors, including its firmness and durability. Based on durability:

  • Innerspring mattresses will last for six to six and a half years 
  • Memory Foam mattresses of any kind will last for six and a half to seven years
  • Mattresses that use latex padding will last for seven and a half to eight years
  • Hybrid mattresses will last for six and a half to seven years

Which online mattress stores offer mattresses on sale?

You are living in an age where everything you need appears at the tips of your fingers. (metaphorically!) It is not much of a hassle to find great deals on best mattresses on various online stores.

We at BUILDMyplace also offer such deals at times. Feel free to check our website for exciting offers on mattresses and other home furnishing products. You can also opt for our newsletter, and we'll be glad to notify you of any sales offer that we launch in the future.

When should you replace your memory foam mattress?

You now know that memory foam mattresses can last for six and a half to seven years. Most manufacturers will recommend you change your memory foam mattress after seven years of use.

However, replacing the mattress depends on its state after seven years of use. You should perform a mattress check, and look for visible sagging and body impressions, before replacing the mattress. 

Is a memory foam mattress made of latex?

No. A memory foam mattress highlights the use of polyurethane foam, which is also known as memory foam. Latex mattresses, on the other hand, are the ones that feature the use of latex foam and reflex foam to create a supple, supporting, and durable surface for sleeping.

Which kind of mattress is the best?

A mattress that helps you get a night (or day!) of quality sleep is the best. Since two people will always have different comfort zones, a mattress that's best for one may not be the best for another.

On average, memory foam mattresses and hybrid mattresses are known to be the most comfortable mattresses.