Are you looking for Cabinets but confused on what to buy, how to get a perfect deal? Then this article is for you. We will help you understand all the basics you should be considering while buying Cabinets Online.  

 Your lifestyle and the materials available can direct and affect the appearance of your cabinet doors when you go cabinet shopping.
Do you like the raised frame and crisp edges of a typical Shaker door? Or how about a modern flat-front panel?
Do your kids spend the whole day with sticky fingers opening and closing doors? Or is your kitchen the core of your home's entertaining, which you want to keep tidy for visiting friends and family?

Well, Buildmyplace offers a wide range of finishes that can go with all your requirements.

Let's start!

Here at Buildmyplace, Firstly, We offer two types of installation patterns on buying Cabinets.

RTA – Ready to Assemble Cabinet
Pre-Assembled Cabinet


What’s RTA Cabinets? – These are the Readily available cabinets. If you are skilled with doing home improvement projects yourself, this range is for you! You can save a significant amount of money on RTA cabinets because the assembling charges are not included. These RTA cabinets come with detailed instruction manuals. You can easily configure every cabinet module and install it to your favorite space. However, if you have a skilled professional that’s a cherry on top with saving money and faster shipping time. 


What’s Pre-Assembled Cabinets? - These are basic, economical and practical option for everyone. Regardless of the budget you have for cabinets, a Pre-Assembled Cabinets is always a good choice for money and durability. These Pre-Assembled Cabinets are available in fixed sizes and you just have to adjust and place it according to your design.
Pre-Assembled cabinets are size-specific, measured in 3-inch increments. As they are factory assembled these require very little assembling at the site. A skilled professional can effectively construct these cabinet modules.  
Now that you have finalized which type of buying process you are comfortable with, let's get to know a bit more on the cabinet door styles and colors.

Would you like to know more about cabinet door styles? 

Most commonly, the door is a flat panel, a raised panel, or a slab front are the types of door style. What’s the difference?

raised panel has a raised rectangular-shaped center and the surface surrounding it is recessed, creating a frame-like appearance. The raised center may be surrounded by other detailing, such as a beveled edge, and/or an arched top, providing a traditional appearance, like antique cabinetry. This style looks beautiful with painted or stained finishes that play up the three-dimensional qualities.

flat panel is three dimensional as well, but the center panel is recessed (though still flat) and framed by two stiles (rectilinear panels at either side) and two rails (panels at top and bottom). This construction is not simply decorative. It was developed (hundreds of years ago!) to keep the door shape stable with fluctuating temperatures and moisture. Popular examples are Shaker and Craftsman style. You can also find some additional variation, with a glass insert that replaces some or all of the center panel (much like a true divided light window), or a beadboard center panel for a country or cottage effect.

slab front is made from a single piece of material—solid hardwood, MDF, or a wood veneer. Because it is one surface with no corners or recesses to capture grime, it is easy to keep clean with the swipe of a cloth.


Quick Tips :- Consider the cabinet door the window to your kitchen’s soul and will improve the overall interior design of your home.


Let’s know about Cabinet door materials

Are you warm to wood or is a sparkling white kitchen more your craving? You can find a vast variety of looks in budget, high-end, and luxury cabinets from our Kitchen Cabinet Selection. Let’s look at some commonly used cabinet door materials.

Birch and Ash are durable hardwoods good for kitchen cabinets with more pronounced grains. You may remember pine from your grandma’s days. You can still find this classic, and its knotty grain has a rustic appeal.

Oak cabinets are popular in traditional kitchen designs. Oak is a very hard, heavy wood that's strong and durable. It also features a coarse and highly visible grain pattern, which makes it a popular choice.

Thermafoil is a scratch-resistant surface that is thermally glued and vacuum-sealed to MDF. 
It’s an option great for a lifestyle where the kitchen sees a tremendous amount of activity since it’s easy to maintain.

MDF or medium density fiberboard is manufactured under high pressure and temperatures by combining wood fibers with a resin binder to create door panels as well as the cabinet box.


Let’s know about the door overlay types.

The style of your kitchen cabinetry doesn’t stop with the door design. How the door lays on the box also affects the overall appearance. At Buildmyplace we provide you a various types of cabinet styles to choose from. Let’s see the options.

Full overlay Doors (and drawers) cover the front of the cabinet box; hinges are hidden.
Partial overlay Doors cover just a portion of the face frame; hinges remain concealed.
Inset Doors are flush with the face frame of the cabinet box; hinges may be concealed or exposed.


Furthermore, there are two types of cabinet construction styles.

Frameless cabinets These are also popularly known as European Style Cabinets. They don’t have a face frame. A frameless cabinet gives the space a sleek look with the drawers and doors attached directly to the box. If you are looking for something unique, sleek and modern interior style, then you may want to consider this style of cabinet design.
Framed cabinets feature an overlaying frame or structure attached to the front of the cabinet box. The frame extends up to 2 inches over the cabinet opening, adding strength and sturdiness to the construction. This is the most common type of cabinet in the US.

Quick Tips:- You can order sample doors before ordering the whole kitchen to check the cabinet color and design look and feel as you survey the landscape of kitchen door panels for your cabinets. You can punch your order at Buildmyplace and return a sample door for a full refund, or we can change it in your most recent kitchen cabinet order.

View all Cabinet Sample Doors


Let’s get to know about Storage Options 

Built-In Trash / Recycling - Waste cans and recycling centers can be hidden in base cabinets of just about any width. Your cabinet designer can provide a range trash storage options from attaching a small basket to the back of a cabinet door to a full four can pull out system.
Cabinet Pull Out Shelves - Pull out systems are available for just about any special application. In addition to the more common spice racks, heavy-duty systems are available to house small appliances, cookware and recycling centers. These systems are built to extend the full contents of your cabinet into the workspace, giving you ease of access so you don’t have to shuffle through your entire kitchen inventory to find one item.
Wine Racks - Cabinet-mounted wine racks offer convenient storage for your favorite table wines. Traditionally available in a diagonal lattice pattern or conventional crossgrid, wine racks can be built to fit any size cabinet or storage space.
Sink Front Tilt Out Tray - A tilt Out tray is the perfect way to take advantage of the lost space between your cabinet and your sink. These cabinet-faced organizers are perfect storage for sponges and scrubs. The easy access keeps your countertop clean and accessories close at hand.

Spice Racks - The spice-savvy chef needs to have easy access to their full stock without shuffling through deep cabinets. Spice cabinets commonly feature door-mounted, slide-out, and tiered shelf racks. Tiered drawer inserts have also become popular for easy spice storage at waist level.

We have newer organizers like - Counter Top Mount Garbage Pail, Blind Corner Pull Out Shelves, Glideware Pull Out, Two Tier Base Organiser, Swing Out Pantry, Knife Block and Utensil Bin Base Pull Outs and many more.

Now that you have got a sense of which cabinet type you should be looking into, let's narrow it down further with getting your door style and finish.

Cabinet Door Style

Raised Panel
Cathedral and many more.

Colors and Finishes

You can consider the Colors and Finishes according to your overall interior color scheme. You can select a cabinet color that compliments the overall space. 
Check out our wide range of cabinet color doors. 


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