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3 X 24 In Prima Matte Glazed Porcelain Bullnose - Piece

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3 X 24 In Prima Matte Glazed Porcelain Bullnose - Piece

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Color/Finish: True White Matte
Pack Size: Piece
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The 3x24 inch Prima true white matte glazed porcelain bullnose trim is the perfect and most soothing option for your interior and exterior walls. These true white color matte trims bring out the sense of grace and classy approach of the most soothing color of them all. Everyone looks for a not-so-complicated option to go for when it comes to plain shades. So, make this true white porcelain trim a suitable choice for your interiors. After all, what could be a safer option than a soothing warm white shade, right? As a medium of non-experimental alternative, you can opt for these plain trims in your interiors and exteriors.

Moreover, this tile is quite efficient from an enduring point because they come in 9 mm thickness, making it a tough option. In fact, they are the best placement option for your bathrooms because of the soothing plain shade that is not overpowering, which looks absolutely appropriate with the bathroom’s interior and fixtures. Furthermore, this 3x24 inch true white shade trim comes in a matte finish that delivers the charm of a uniquely created symphony of mild color tone with a calming appeal. As a result, this compatibility will make an awestruck statement for people who are visiting your home. So, suit yourself with the perfect trim that will match the aura of your interior and woo you in every possible way.

Product Specifications

Size: 3 x 24 Inch
lbs per Pallet: 1700 lbs
lbs per box: 30.36 lbs
Pcs per box: 15
Sqft per Pallet: 397.5997 sq. ft.
Sqft per box: 7.1 sq. ft.
Box per Pallet: 56
Collection: Prima
Finish: Matte
MPN (Part No.): 4502-0196-1
SKU: 4502-0196-1-1PC
Color: True White
Material: Porcelain
Shape: Trim

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