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Sosen-320VP-56BH for Gen7B shoebox light, AC100-277V

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Sosen-320VP-56BH for Gen7B shoebox light, AC100-277V

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This 320-watt LED driver is appropriate for high bay lights, stadium lights, plant lights, and most types of aquarium lights. It will also support analog, PWM, Resistor, timing, and DALI dimmers. Therefore, combining a compatible dimmer with this driver will allow you to adjust an LED lighting fixture's brightness. Since this driver offers a constant current and lumen output, you can be sure that it will allow consistent illumination. Since this LED driver offers surge protection, you can be sure that it will prevent the LED light from damage due to spikes in the power supply. External negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) thermistor that helps regulate the output current prevents the driver from damages. Furthermore, industry-standard LED Short Circuit Protection (SCP) and Over Temperature Protection (OTP) make this driver reliable for long-term service. Shop for this product and get 3 years of manufacturer warranty.

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