22W Integrated LED Tube Light - 4ft V Shape - 6500k Clear Cover - Works without T8 Ballast

22W Integrated LED Tube Light - 4ft V Shape - 6500k Clear Cover - Works without T8 Ballast

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22W Integrated LED Tube Light - 4ft V Shape - 6500k Clear Cover - Works without T8 Ballast
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T8 4Ft. V Shape LED Tube Shop Lights - 2640 Lumens - 22 Watt - 60W Equivalent - 6500 Kelvin - Single End - CETLus Certifications - High Output Strip Lights Bulb for Garage Warehouse Workshop Basement

Shop for 4ft T8 LED V Shape Integrated Tube which is of 22 wattages. The tube has two rows and comes in 6500 Kelvin color temperature. This tube light has a lumen output of 137 Lumens per watt and has a rated operational life of more than 50,000 hours. This means that these lights will last for more than 5.7 years even if used for 24 hours of the day. The lights have a high color rendering index of more than 80 which means that these lights render colors that are accurate in comparison with an ideal light source such as daylight.

LED Shop lights
  • Provides very high intensity of light with up to 137 Lumens per watt.
  • Supported with high efficiency power LED Driver with high power factor.
  • 5 years of manufacturer warranty.
  • These are Lead free eco-friendly lights with 100% recyclable material.
  • ROHS Compliant and CE Compliant.
  • The tubes are compatible with ceiling and wall mounting.

Operating Temperature 

The Operating Temperature of these LED Integrated Tubes is -4°F to 104°F which is -20°C to 40°C. These LED Integrated Tubes to perform very well in these temperatures.

Easy to Plug and Play

Our T8 4ft integrated tube doesn't require any ballast unlike in case of a fluorescent tube when such tube required removing of the ballast and which took a substantial amount of resources both in terms of labor and time. Earlier, it was often easier to install a new 4ft integrated tube than to retrofit the fluorescent tube when you struggled with the issue of ballast compatibility.

Easy to Plug and Play

Flicker Free

With fluorescent tubes, you often encountered the problem of flickering on a consistent basis and then you helplessly tried to fix it in some or the other way, sometimes by fixing the loose tube in its place, at other times, replacing the starter. Fortunately, this isn't the case with our T8 4 ft LED integrated tubes. Our 4ft integrated tube is completely flicker-free since it operates without any starter and thus this tube is a time-saving lighting product when you can safely rely on it without your regular activity getting disrupted.  

Flicker Free

Voltage Input

Our T8 4ft LED integrated tube accepts an input voltage of AC 100-277. With an LED driver inside the tube that can adjust according to the incoming voltage to provide the current supply, this voltage range allows you to directly wire the fixture without making any modifications.

Voltage Input

Low Maintenance Cost

With our T8 4ft integrated tube lasting for not less than 50,000 hours and with very little lumen depreciation until the end of lifespan, you incur no cost or almost negligible maintenance cost.

Low Maintenance Cost

>50,000 Life Hours

Our T8 4 ft integrated tube by all means are built to last for more than 50,000 hours, thanks to the innovators of LED technology.

>50,000 Life Hours

CRI >80

The CRI being 80 for integrated tube means it enables objects and spaces to display their true colors to 80% extent and this is what makes it suitable to different applications. 

CRI >80
High CRI 80+

180 Degree Beam Angle

The integrated tube having this wide beam angle can be used for general area lighting and for illuminating large areas. For integrated tubes installed in low ceiling rooms, this beam angle is perfect. 

180 Degree Beam Angle

Energy Saving

The integrated tubes by all means do not bring any less than 75% savings in energy when making a switch from fluorescent tube to this tube. 

Energy Saving
Energy Saving

Aluminium Heat Sink

The heat sink allows our T8 4ft integrated tube to dissipate any heat produced by the tube. This heat sink made of aluminium is light weight and a good thermal conductor. 

Aluminium Heat Sink

IP 44 Rated

Our integrated tube is rated IP44 indicating that the tube is protected against any dust particles with thickness greater than 1mm and any moisture or water coming from any direction. This makes our tubes suitable even for those indoor areas where there are chances of penetration of water such as bathrooms, kitchens etc.

LED Chip

BUILDMyplace uses LED chip of highest grade, made available to us through the largest manufacturer of LEDs -- Epistar Corporation. The LED chip being manufactured out of high quality materials is durable, low heat generating and eco-friendly with a long service life.    

Product Specifications

Base Type: Integrated
Certifications: ETL
CRI: >80 CRI
Dimensions (L x W x H): 48
IP Rating: IP44 Rated
Life Hours: 50,000 Hours
MPN (Part No.): IT011
Warranty: 5 Years
Beam Angle:180 Degree Beam Angle
Color Temperature (Kelvin):6500 Kelvin
Damp Location:Damp Location
LED Type:2835
Lumens:2640 Lumens
Voltage:100-277 Volt
Wattage:22 Watt

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    BUILDMYPLACE 22W Integrated LED Tube Light - 4ft V Shape - 6500k Clear Cover - Works without T8 Ballast Review

    I added these lights to my attic and they light it up very well. I recommend these lights to everyone that talks about adding lights to their house or work shop. These lights are awesome.

    Kyle F.
    BUILDMYPLACE 22W Integrated LED Tube Light - 4ft V Shape - 6500k Clear Cover - Works without T8 Ballast Review

    At our deer camp we had (6) 4 foot old style fluorescent light fixtures. Wasps from the attic would always come through the venting in the lights and into the camp house. NO MORE . We removed the old heavy fixtures with the ballasts, sealed up the hole in the ceiling and installed the light weight LED bulbs. We still need to paint the wood. Wow what a difference in brightness! I also installed (2) 6' LED bulbs in my garage at home and they made a huge improvement.

    Charles C.
    BUILDMYPLACE 22W Integrated LED Tube Light - 4ft V Shape - 6500k Clear Cover - Works without T8 Ballast Review

    I am an electrician and I have found that most garages are lacking in the lightING Department and people just love them.

    Dave S.
    BUILDMYPLACE 22W Integrated LED Tube Light - 4ft V Shape - 6500k Clear Cover - Works without T8 Ballast Review

    I like it . More than enough light. Shortly I'll be ordering more.

    Pankajkumar R.
    BUILDMYPLACE 22W Integrated LED Tube Light - 4ft V Shape - 6500k Clear Cover - Works without T8 Ballast Review

    We are using these lights in our mobile tool trailer and laundry trailer for a disaster relief organization. We are extremely pleased with brightness and clarity of the LED lights. Looking forward to using them for personal use as well.

    Castulo L.

    Questions & Answers

    Ask a Question
    • What is the exact length of these fixtures and do the connectors add any length when joining fixtures. I ordered some T5s from Amazon that were slightly less than "48 which worked out great since I have slightly less than '16 of space to work with. Also are these available in 5000k?

      these are exactly 47.9 inches and these are available in 5000k

    • Does it have rectifier circuitry?

      No it does not. 

    • dimmable.?.

      these are not dimmable.

    • Will these LED lights fit in the old tube fixtures

      These do not need a fixture.

    • What connectors are supplied, what power supply cord. Picture does not show a replacement unit but looks to be a self contained type where description talks about removing ballast. So what is this?

      These are tubes that don't need fixtures to be put into. The description will be updated but these actually do not require ballast removal. They can be direct wired to your power supply and come with those pigtails (connector thing) shown to daisy chain up to 10 of those 22w together.

    • Is this easy to wire to connecto to plug?

      Instructions are in the packaging. It will need to be connected to into a power source manually. 

    • Are they dimmable?


    • How long are the power cords and the cords that connect them together for install? Also how many can be linked together?

      The power cords are 7.5 inches and the connecting cables are 3ft. You can link up to 4-5. 

    • Can I wire in a dimmer? Or do you sell dimmable like this?

      You cannot wire a dimmer to any of our tubes. We sell dimmers for the highbay lights. 

    • can you use a dimmer on this light?


    • i have a 40 by 78 pole barn with 11 foot ceiling. How many of these lights would you suggest to light the building?

      25-30 lights should be sufficient. 

    • I'm looking for a thin fixture for a tight mount situation. Is this the narrowest of fixtures? Also is there a switch on the power cord?

      These are more narrow yes because of the V-Shape designand no there is no switch on the connecting cords.

    • Can they be flush mounted to the ceiling?

      These come with the clips that can be mounted on any flat surface or hung with the wire, please let us know if you have any more questions.

    • Can these be directly wired or do they need a cord?

      these can be directly wired.

    • Hard to tell from the pics which appear washed out on my screen; understood that one needs a link cable to end2end units (after one has 'ballast surgery'), but does each come with a unit2ac wall plug? Great buy if so....;)

    • Do you think this would work for micro greens?

      yes, these light are good for microgreen.

    • How would they work in a barn with livestock dust, flys or moisture??? Would really like to put on ceiling of inside barn??

      They aren't recommended for wet areas for sure, but won't be damaged unless casing is open and with regular cleaning to get rid of dust.

    • Does the light fixture comes with v shape cord?

    • Does this fixture come with everything needed, a plug and play? Or do I need to purchase the power cord

      You will have to buy power cord seprately.

    • do these come with clips and plug in like it shows in picture

      Yes, they do.

    • Are they dimmable

      These lights are not dimmable.

    • 22w 4ft has a cord shown in the picture. Is it a power cord or a connecting cord?

      these are pigtails for power supply

    • What is the total width and total length

      They are 4ft long and about 1inch wide. 

    • What voltage do these work with?

      These are rated for 120V.

    • What type of new wiring do I need for these lights?

      These require single ended wiring, which is hot and neutral to one side. You can then daisy chain a few together, up to 240W and wire the remaining end directly to power supply. 

    • I would like to purchase these four foot LED shop lights to replace all of my plant lights on my plant stand I just need to know if they can all be connected together on one switch.

      You should be able to connect up to about 8-10 of these. They're rated to work with 240w and those are 22w each. 

    • I need to use these in my non-temperature controlled garage. How will this affect the life of these fixtures? I live in NC; summer highs in the high 90s, winter lows around freezing.

      They will be suitable! 


      Once the light is defective, you must buy a new tube/get it replaced. 


      1inch x 1inch.


      It comes with the light, a 13inch pigtail, 3 mounting clips, 3 wire nuts, and 3 screws, as well as a page of instructions for wiring/safety.

    • My garage is 30+50 10 feet ceilings how many would I need to have good lighting

      I would recommend 18-20 bulbs. I was doing 4ft spacing on either side to reach that number. 

    • Can thes be used for growing tomatoes And what kind of chips are used?

      Yes, depending on needed color temp. And they're SMD235.

    • How is that work ? With the battery’s or we have to plug in ??

      There are no batteries. These get hard-wired to your power supply.

    • How long is the pigtails and how do they mount to the ceiling ??

      We include mounting clips with each light and the pigtails are 13 inches long.

    • I have 12 foot ceiling, will they light good at floor level.

      They sure will. 

    • How many can be plugged into one another end to end?

      17-18 total. 

    • Are these self contained units that can be mounted wherever you have a power source?


    • I want to install these in a 10’ long x 10’ wide x 7’ high tent. How many and which wattage would I need?

      We recommend 5. 

    • Can you wire these to a switch?

      That is what they're meant for, to be hard-wired. 

    • I need some kites to hang off the side of my boat using a inverter as power from my Battery...Would this be the one light I need..

      These lights only get hard-wired into your power supply and can get mounted to any flat surface only.

    • The specs do not indicate the country of origin, so where are these bulbs manufactured?

      They're manufactured in China.

    • the mounting bracket come with it

      Yes it comes with the mounting set needed.

    • Are they dimmable?

      None of our tubes are currenty dimmable, unfortunately!

    • Also can they be in a hot yoga room? Temperature in the room is 105 farenheit and 40 % humidity


    • How do these lights mount?

      They get hard-wired into your power supply via the 13-inch pigtail we provide with each tube and they mount to any flat surface with the mounting clips set we provide with each tube.

    • Looking for 4 LED lights to go on the inside of my office. These will be screwed to the ceiling. Something bright. What do you recommend ?

      How high is the ceiling? You might want to consider 5000K instead (Daylight white) but our Integrated tubes would be great!

    • Are they hard wired or plugged fixtures?

      They get hard-wired into your power supply but we do offer a 6FT Power Cord for sale for these and the 60W tubes.

    • Lignht LED 4f

      Could you clarify?

    • Are they dimmable ?

      Unfortunately, they are not dimmable.

    • does the wire come with the 4ft lights

      Each integrated tube (22W and 60W,) come with a set of connecting clips, a 1ft connecting cable, and a 13in pigtail for hard-wiring.

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