4ft Integrated 30W LED Tube Light Fixture - 4000Lm - 6500k Clear Cover - Double Side V-Shape - Plug and Play

4ft Integrated 30W LED Tube Light Fixture - 4000Lm - 6500k Clear Cover - Double Side V-Shape - Plug and Play

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4ft Integrated 30W LED Tube Light Fixture - 4000Lm - 6500k Clear Cover - Double Side V-Shape - Plug and Play
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T8 4ft Integrated LED Tube Shop Light - 4000 Lumens - 30 Watt - 60W Equivalent - 6500 Kelvin - V Shape Integrated 2 Row - Clear - Works without T8 Ballast - 50,000 Life Hours - 5 Years Warranty

The V Shaped T8 4ft LED Integrated Tube by BUILDMyplace is innovatively manufactured LED Tube Light that provides a significantly lower operational cost compared to standard LED tubes, with savings reaching up to 90 per cent. These are not just replacements for the traditional fluorescent tubes rather create truly spiritual ambience that adds to the satisfaction of the consumers.

Degree Beam Angle
  • Provides very high intensity of light with upto 134 Lumens per watt.
  • Supported with high efficiency power LED Driver with high power factor.
  • 5 years of manufacturer warranty.
  • These are Lead free eco-friendly lights with 100% recyclable material.
  • ROHS Complaint and CE Compliant.
  • The tubes are compatible with ceiling and wall mounting.

Easy to Plug and Play

Our T8 4ft integrated tube doesn't require any ballast unlike in case of fluorescent tube when such tube required removing of the ballast and which took substantial amount of resources both in terms of labor and time. Earlier, it was often easier to install a new 4ft integrated tube than to retrofit the fluorescent tube when you struggled with the issue of ballast compatibility. But, now, with T8 4ft integrated tube, you can heave a sigh of relief as all you need to do is replace the fluorescent tube with our integrated tube by directly wiring it to the line source and without undertaking any step of ballast removal. 

Flicker Free

With fluorescent tubes, you often encountered the problem of flickering on a consistent basis and then you helplessly tried to fix it in some or the other way, sometimes by fixing the loose tube in its place, at other times, replacing the starter. Fortunately, this isn't the case with our T8 4 ft LED integrated tubes. Our 4ft integrated tube is completely flicker-free since it operates without any starter and thus this tube is a time-saving lighting product when you can safely rely on it without your regular activity getting disrupted.  

Voltage Input

Our T8 4ft LED integrated tube accepts an input voltage of AC 100-277 Volts. With an LED driver inside the tube that can adjust according to the incoming voltage to provide the current supply, this voltage range allows you to directly wire the fixture without making any modifications.

Low Maintenance Cost

With our T8 4ft integrated tube lasting for not less than 50,000 hours and with very little lumen depreciation until the end of lifespan, you incur no cost or almost negligible maintenance cost.

>50,000 Life Hours

Our T8 4 ft integrated tube by all means are built to last for more than 50,000 hours, thanks to the innovators of LED technology.

CRI >80

The CRI being 80 for integrated tube means it enables objects and spaces to display their true colors to 80% extent and this is what makes it suitable to different applications. 

120 Degree Beam Angle

The integrated tube having this wide beam angle can be used for general area lighting and for illuminating large areas. For integrated tubes installed in low ceiling rooms, this beam angle is perfect. 

Energy Saving

The integrated tubes by all means do not bring any less than 75% savings in energy when making a switch from fluorescent tube to this tube. 

Aluminium Heat Sink

The heat sink allows our T8 4ft integrated tube to dissipate any heat produced by the tube. This heat sink made of aluminium is light weight and a good thermal conductor. 

Operating Temperature

The Operating Temperature of these LED Integrated Tubes is -4°F to 104°F which is -20°C to 40°C. These LED Integrated Tubes to perform very well in these temperatures.

IP 44 Rated

Our integrated tube is rated IP44 indicating that the tube is protected against any dust particles with thickness greater than 1mm and any moisture or water coming from any direction. This makes our tubes suitable even for those indoor areas where there are chances of penetration of water such as bathrooms, kitchens etc.

LED Chip

BUILDMyplace uses LED chip of highest grade, made available to us through the largest manufacturer of LEDs -- Epistar Corporation. The LED chip being manufactured out of high quality materials is durable, low heat generating and eco-friendly with a long service life.    

Product Specifications

Base Type: Integrated
Certifications: ETL
CRI: >80 CRI
Housing: Aluminum
LED Type: 2835
Life Hours: 50,000 Hours
MPN (Part No.): IT013
Voltage: 100-277 Volt
Wattage: 30 Watt
Beam Angle:120 Degree Beam Angle
Color Temperature (Kelvin):6500 Kelvin
Damp Location:Damp Location
IP Rating:IP44 Rated
Lumens:4000 Lumens
Safety Rating:ETL
Warranty:5 Years

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    BUILDMYPLACE 4ft Integrated 30W LED Tube Light Fixture - 4000Lm - 6500k Clear Cover - Double Side V-Shape - Plug and Play Review

    Super bright and sleek slim design!!!

    E. D.
    BUILDMYPLACE 4ft Integrated 30W LED Tube Light Fixture - 4000Lm - 6500k Clear Cover - Double Side V-Shape - Plug and Play Review

    Nice light

    Edwin C.
    BUILDMYPLACE 4ft Integrated 30W LED Tube Light Fixture - 4000Lm - 6500k Clear Cover - Double Side V-Shape - Plug and Play Review

    Great product for a great price. Quick shipping. Exceptional customer support and warranty if one goes out! Have been buying and recommending these since 2018.

    Philip T.
    BUILDMYPLACE 4ft Integrated 30W LED Tube Light Fixture - 4000Lm - 6500k Clear Cover - Double Side V-Shape - Plug and Play Review

    I love the v shape integrated tubes, easy to install and they give you a lot of light.

    Robert D.
    BUILDMYPLACE 4ft Integrated 30W LED Tube Light Fixture - 4000Lm - 6500k Clear Cover - Double Side V-Shape - Plug and Play Review

    Great lights easy to install.

    Robert F.

    Questions & Answers

    Ask a Question
    • Is it dimmable?

      NO this fixture isnt dimmable

    • Can they be used to grow plants?

      yes they can , we have several grow customers who uses these

    • How many can you hook up in one line

      you can hook up upto 6 in a row

    • Can you install these in Commercial freezer or cooler?

      no these are not suitable for wet or damp location

    • Is this a self contained unit as it appears to be in the photo's. However the instructions seem to indicate you have to remove the ballast from the old fixture or it will blow out the new LED bulb. So which is it? Does this pug in to out let or is it a direct wire?

      Hello! Our website needs to be updated but there is no ballast removal neccessary. It is a direct wire tube.

    • Do they have to be in a fixture or can they be mounted directy on a surface

      It can be in either. 


      Sorry we don't have 

    • Is this light surface mounted?

      yes, this light is surface mounted. 

    • How many Volts?

      Ac 100-277V

    • I bought 2 of these and the extra connectors that you sell. One side of the light where the light is powered is female. The other side is male. This makes it so that you can't use the male connectors the link them. What am I missing or doing wrong?

      the three wire plug/pigtail supplied is; hot, neutral, ground, and that the triple tubular connector is for daisy chaining.

    • Is there a 5000k option available? (Concerned about blue hue with 6500k

      we only have in 6500k moreover it's a bright white light.

    • What wires connect to the black and what wires connect to white

      the three wire plug/pigtail supplied is; hot, neutral, ground, and that the triple tubular connector is for daisy chaining.


    • I bought 25 of these, I do not want to hardware into the wiring. Looking for a power cord that will fit these and also a cord to daisy chain them together. I purchased a lithonia that appeared to be the same pattern but the lithonia power cord will not fit into the ends of these. Where can I purchase the power cord and daisy chain adapters for these?

      We do not sell the power cords but we do sell connectors under accessories.

    • do they have cords to plug into 110 outlet wanting to use as a shop light put on hood of vehicles to see engine

      You have to wire them into the power source or wire them to a plug.

    • Are these lights hard wired or plug in?

      these light are a plugin.

    • Do they come with a troffer or how much are triggers?

      They do not come with the troffer. 

    • What is the warrant of this product?

      5 years no hassle warranty

    • Do these come with a cord and plug to plug them in?

      They come with the cord to directly wire them into the power source.

    • Does this have a UL listing?

      yes, these light are UL Listed.

    • are these direct wire or can you plug them into an outlet?

      You will need to directly wire them into the power source. 

    • Hi How do i put in what is Blue ? Red? yellow / green ? on my plug Thank you

      the three wire plug/pigtail supplied is; hot, neutral, ground, and that the triple tubular connector is for daisy chaining.

    • What temperatures will these operate at? Can they be used in an unheated building where subfreezing temperatures can be expected? Thank you!

      Operating Temperature: -4ºF to 113ºF

    • Are these fluorescent bulb conversion kits?


    • Can these be direct wired?

      yes, these can be directly wired.

    • Can i get them in 12 vdc

      only in (AC) 100-277V

    • Can you just hard wire them in and mount to ceiling?

      yes, you can just hard wire them in and mount to the ceiling.

    • is this housing and all or is it just the bulb?


    • How do you wire these? The direct wires coming out are yellow, brown and blue

      the three wire plug/pigtail supplied is; hot, neutral, ground, and that the triple tubular connector is for daisy chaining.

    • What is the operating temperatures for these lights? Would they work inside an unheated structure in freezing temperatures?

      Operating Temperature: -4ºF to 113ºF

    • Will they work on 12v DC power ?

      they require the (AC) current and the Voltage is anything between 100-277V.

    • Is it plug in or hard wired

    • is shipping free on a $ 242 order

      yes above $49.99 order shipping free.

    • Are these lamps UL or ETL listed for electrical safety? If so, what is the listing number.

      yes these are UL Certified and CE, ROHS Approved; one of the BRIGHTEST bulbs on the market.

    • Are these single pin or 2 pin (tombstone)?

      2 pin tombstone.

    • Can you only feed these from the supplied cord or can you feed from back of fixture?

      You can feed from the back, and can connect them together.

    • How are they installed? I have 4 ft. florescent fixtures.

      Plug-and-play. Don't need existing fixtures. With the accessory, install anywhere on the wall and ceiling.

    • Do they come with chains to hang them

      These come with the clips that can be mounted on any flat surface or hung with the wire, please let us know if you have any more questions.

    • how is it mounted? can it be be used in an existing 4ft shop light without removing the tombstones?. why even bother with the old ballast at all?

      These are independent fixtures, they don't need tombstones or Ballast at all.

    • does this have the power cord? or do i have to wire power by myself?

      It will come with everything required, you just need to install them.

    • what is the listing criteria for the design lights registration for the rocky mountain power discount?

      I have sent a spec sheet to your email.

    • can these be installed in an enclosed fixture such as surface mount fixture with wrap around lens?

      No, these are made to be independent with the pigtails and connecting cable.

    • What is the CRI rating of this bulb? or the PAR Rating?

      CRI Rating >80

    • Can these be hung lower using a chain?

      The light itself cannot, but you could hang a 2x4 or something similar and then drill the clips for these into that, and attach them to that.

    • Do you have any like this that are 12 volt DC?

      All our fixtures work on AC power.

    • I noticed the volts are 100-277, does it have a transformer that brings it DC, if so, how many volts?

      No, they work on AC Powers.

    • what is the input 110Vac to ???DC???ma

      100-277V. compatible

    • Are these bulbs water resistant?

      No, unfortunately they are not.

    • What are the dimension

      These are 4ft x 1in x 1in 

    • Are there lower Kelvins for this lamp. would be very popular if lower kelvin

      We also offer 5000k. 5000 and 6500K only for integrated tubes.

    • 3 wirer which is power

      We cannot answer that due to safety reasons, please check the diagram or consult with your local electrician.

    • why can you buy the same thing from your company cheaper on ebay than if you are a distributer and buy them from your web site

      Can you send me what you're talking about? Because they should be priced the same.

    • Can they be hard wired

      They are meant to be hard-wird.

    • Anything special for wiring or hard wire to a switch and done

      Exactly.We also sell different connecting cables and a power cord as well.

    • Do these come in 3 foot or is it 4 feet only

      Only 4ft and 8ft.

    • I can't seem to tell what kind of Plug it uses for plug and play... Does it use the traditional 2 or 3-wire home plugs? Or would I have to buy some kind of connector?

      3-wire connection is on one end of the 13-inch pigtail that comes with each tube for hard-wiring. We also offer a 6ft power cord and connecting cables.

    • Do they work in cold temperatures like 10 or 20 degrees Fahrenheit

      These are rated to work to 4 degrees Fahrenheit. 

    • Do they install in an existing flourescent fixture?

      No, these are free-standing tubes that don't use fixtures, and mount to a flat surface.

    • Does these lights come with a pigtail to wire them in to your electrical system

      Yes! And a 1ft connecting cable, and 3 wire nuts/screws/clips.

    • How are these lights attached? Do they need to be drilled? Or can they be glued? We have a limited source of outlets. Thinking of placing around a cement pillar.

      They can be mounted to any flat surface using the mounting clips we provide. They can also be connected together, up to 4 in a row. For these 30W ones, we offer a 3ft connecting cable. For our 22W and 60Ws, we offer 3ft, 6ft, 10ft connecting cables as well as a 6ft power cord. After install, they get hard-wired to your power supply via the pigtail that comes with each tube.

    • How wide are they? I need to mount on the 1 1/2” side of a 2x6

      They're about 1in wide!

    • Can you hang these by a chain?

      Yes, they can be hung by a chain if you want to hang them like that. However, we do not recommend doing so if you have to alter the light in any way as the warranty will no longer be valid if you do so nor do we provide chains for these lights.

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