T8 Integrated LED Tube Light 60W - 8ft V Shape High Output 6500k - Clear Lens Cover

T8 Integrated LED Tube Light 60W - 8ft V Shape High Output 6500k - Clear Lens Cover

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T8 Integrated LED Tube Light 60W - 8ft V Shape High Output 6500k - Clear Lens Cover
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8FT LED Tube Light Fixture - Integrated V Shape 60W - 120W Equivalent - AC AC 100-277V - Clear Cover Cool White 6500K - High Output Fluorescent Fixture Replacement

T8 8ft LED Integrated Tube can increase your savings by 90% with a great energy efficacy of 134 Lumens per watt. The total wattage of these lights is 60 watts, and the total lumen output is 7200 lumens. These LED Shop lights render a creative and spiritual ambiance, which keeps the consumers enthusiastic while they shop. These lights come with a warranty of 5 years and comply perfectly with all the safety and environmental safety standards as well. Also, these lights are compatible with ceiling and wall mounting.

T8 8ft. LED Tube Lights
  • Provides very high intensity of light with upto 134 Lumens per watt.
  • Supported with high efficiency power LED Driver with high power factor.
  • 5 years of manufacturer warranty.
  • These are Lead free eco-friendly lights with 100% recyclable material.
  • ROHS Complaint and CE Compliant.
  • The tubes are compatible with ceiling and wall mounting.

Easy to Plug and Play

Our T8 8ft integrated tube doesn't require any ballast unlike in case of fluorescent tube when such tube required removing of the ballast and which took substantial amount of resources both in terms of labor and time. Earlier, it was often easier to install a new 8ft integrated tube than to retrofit the fluorescent tube when you struggled with the issue of ballast compatibility. But, now, with T8 8ft integrated tube, you can heave a sigh of relief as all you need to do is replace the fluorescent tube with our integrated tube by directly wiring it to the line source and without undertaking any step of ballast removal. 

T8 8ft. LED Tube Lights

Flicker Free

With fluorescent tubes, you often encountered the problem of flickering on a consistent basis and then you helplessly tried to fix it in some or the other way, sometimes by fixing the loose tube in its place, at other times, replacing the starter. Fortunately, this isn't the case with our T8 8 ft LED integrated tubes. Our 8ft integrated tube is completely flicker-free since it operates without any starter and thus this tube is a time-saving lighting product when you can safely rely on it without your regular activity getting disrupted.    

T8 8ft. LED Tube Lights

Voltage Input

Our T8 8ft LED integrated tube accepts an input voltage of AC 100-277. With an LED driver inside the tube that can adjust according to the incoming voltage to provide the current supply, this voltage range allows you to directly wire the fixture without making any modifications.  

T8 8ft. LED Tube Lights
T8 8ft. LED Tube Lights

Low Maintenance Cost

With our T8 8ft integrated tube lasting for not less than 50,000 hours and with very little lumen depreciation until the end of lifespan, you incur no cost or almost negligible maintenance cost. 

T8 8ft. LED Tube Lights

>50,000 Life Hours

Our T8 8 ft integrated tube by all means are built to last for more than 50,000 hours, thanks to the innovators of LED technology.

CRI >80

The CRI being 80 for integrated tube means it enables objects and spaces to display their true colors to 80% extent and this is what makes it suitable to different applications.    

T8 8ft. LED Tube Lights

180 Degree Beam Angle

The integrated tube having this wide beam angle can be used for general area lighting and for illuminating large areas. For integrated tubes installed in low ceiling rooms, this beam angle is perfect.

T8 8ft. LED Tube Lights

Energy Saving

The integrated tubes by all means do not bring any less than 75% savings in energy when making a switch from fluorescent tube to this tube. 

T8 8ft. LED Tube Lights

Aluminium Heat Sink

The heat sink allows our T8 8ft integrated tube to dissipate any heat produced by the tube. This heat sink made of aluminium is light weight and a good thermal conductor. 

T8 8ft. LED Tube Lights

Operating Temperature

The Operating Temperature of these LED Integrated Tubes is -4°F to 104°F which is -20°C to 40°C. These LED Integrated Tubes to perform very well in these temperatures. 

IP 44 Rated

Our integrated tube is rated IP44 indicating that the tube is protected against any dust particles with thickness greater than 1mm and any moisture or water coming from any direction. This makes our tubes suitable even for those indoor areas where there are chances of penetration of water such as bathrooms, kitchens etc.

T8 8ft. LED Tube Lights

LED Chip

BUILDMyplace uses LED chip of highest grade, made available to us through the largest manufacturer of LEDs -- Epistar Corporation. The LED chip being manufactured out of high quality materials is durable, low heat generating and eco-friendly with a long service life.  

T8 8ft. LED Tube Lights

Product Specifications

Base Type: Integrated
Certifications: ETL
CRI: >80 CRI
Housing: Aluminum
LED Type: 2835
Life Hours: 50,000 Hours
Metal Halide Equal: 120 Watt Replacement
Safety Rating: ETL
Warranty: 5 Years
Beam Angle:180 Degree Beam Angle
Color Temperature (Kelvin):6500 Kelvin
DLC Listed:No
IP Rating:IP44 Rated
Lumens:7200 Lumens
MPN (Part No.):IT016
Voltage:100-277 Volt
Wattage:60 Watt

Product Review

Questions & Answers

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  • Are these ceiling mount, chain mount, or wall mount fixtures?

    These come with the clips that can be mounted on any flat surface or hung with the wire, or suspended from a 2x4 that they're mounted to. There are quite a few different options!

  • where can i find instalation instructions

    please send your email address and we can send you instructions

  • I assume that the three wire plug/pigtail supplied is; hot, neutral, ground, and that the triple tubular connector is for daisy chaining.

    yes that is correct. 

  • Can these be wired to a dimmer?

    No, as they're not currently dimmable.

  • Can I chain connect 4 bulbs?

    yes you can connect upto 4 Bulbs in a row

  • Good afternoon, are these suitable for exterior mounting under a covered canopy? Are they suitable for exterior uncovered mounting?

    yes as long as the water doesnt get in them they will be good

  • how do they do in very high moisture?

    these lights are not waterproof and we won't recommend them for the wet area.

  • What is the Power Factor on the 8' LED Bulbs ?

    its >.95

  • can you run 6 of these lights on one 20 amp electric run

    we only recommed to connect no more then 4 in a series

  • Just to show my boss what size wire is recommended in hooking these up to. Gauge wise. 12/2?

    it comes with the appropriate wires to hook these up so as long as you match the guage of the wire that comes with it you will be fine

  • Would they be recommended for a open patio?

    They are recommended for an open patio As long as it's not under the direct rain. 

  • Could I put them outside under a patio cover

    as long as it's not under the direct rain.

  • What company manufactures these lights?

    we are the manufacturere on these

  • How long are these lamps and what is the current load?

    They are 8ft and 250 volts per strip, if connecting many of them. 

  • are the T8 8ft V Shape LED Tube 60W Integrated 6500k Clear fixtures listed on the ENERGY STAR® or DLC qualified product lists. so they would be eligible for rebates from my local power company

    these 6500k light are not qualified for Rebate. 5000k are DLC approve. 

  • What length is the power cord on the t8 double row 8' lights?

    Those pigtails are about 13-13.5inches long. We have actual connecting cords under our Accessories page in 3ft, 6ft, and 10ft sizes. 

  • What is the Lumens Output, and is this a Daylight or Bright White??

    7200 Lumens. It is daylight. 

  • Do you have lights that would work in a car wash ceiling moisture resistant ?

    I suggest the cooler lights over any other tubes. 

  • Will these work ok with in a garage connected to a motion sensor?

    these will not work with a motion sensor.

  • Can they be hard wired, so to put them in garage or basement on a switch

    yes, they are hard-wired.

  • Do you ship internationally? I would be interested in shipping 300 of these to Stockholm, Sweden.

    currently, we don't ship to Stockholm, Sweden. 

  • How Do these handle 0 degree temperatures and dust thinking of putting in an indoor riding arena that is a partial open air design , and has no heat whatsoever

    We wouldn't recommend under 20 degrees. 

  • Is there a 4' model that can be connected with these.

    you can link 4 tubes together.

  • Are these lights available in 4000K?

    these lights available only in  5000k and 6500k.

  • Can I run 4 separate lights in a row. And would 8 lights be enough to light up a 40x60 shop hung 13 ft up. And can you hang them with chains

    You can run up to 3 of these together. We would recommend 10 on the low side, and 20 on the high side depending on your spacing. You can hang them with chains only if you hang a 2x4 or something similar to a chain, and mount the lights onto that.

  • I have 12 of these lights in my garage. Four rows of three. I am having trouble with them pulling apart at the connector when they cool after being on for a few hours. I have a metal ceiling they are attached to. Is there anyway to stop this from happening

    The only reason I could think of is because of the metal ceiling. Perhaps drop them down a slight bit onto a 2x4. What exactly do you mean by "pulling apart at the connector" though? They should not be getting noticely hot to the touch. You should be running a max of 6 of these tubes up to 400W.

  • Can I get or make hangers for ceiling? What do you suggest? Thanks..

    You can also drop down a 2x4 and attach the lights to it there!

  • Do these fixtures have knock outs to hard wire them into a switched cicut?

    No, they are just direct wired to your power supply via the pigtail that comes with each tube.

  • How are they in a cold winter garage? Single didgits.

    led bulbs will still work in the cold, as long as it doesn't drop past -13

  • What bulbs that offer go with these fixtures or are they included?

    LED Integrated light fixture with bulb, no need to use existing light fixture they are included.

  • I have a job replacing 41--- 8foot flourescent fixtures. Each fixture is a two lap T-8 style fixture. Will these 8 foot lamps replace those fixtures with equal or better light? This is in a fire station equipment bay. They are chain hung about 15 feet high.

    It Replaces 2, 80W fluorescent tube lights it has  7800 LUMENS  these light will be better light.

  • Can this fixture be used outdoor underneath a canopy?


  • can they be hard wired

    LED Integrated light fixture with bulb, no need to use existing light fixture no need to be hard wired just plugin.

  • Are these lights to be hard wired? What is input voltages?


  • Does this come with a regular plug on it ?

    this light comes with a 3 prong cable.

  • how long are the included links for the lights

    you can link 4 light together.

  • Are these 120 volt ac only?

    these light are 120V only. 

  • Do they come with a frosted lens?

    they come only with a Clear lens.


    these Tubes are with fixture tubes you direct wire them.  please let us know if you have any more questions.

  • SKU: WEN-8FT-INT-60W-6500K-C. How do I connect two 8' fixtures 4' feet apart.

    You would need to purchase the connecting cables. They are located under accessories on our website.

  • Please post pigtail color coding .as yellow/green ...blue and brown witch color is line voltage ,neutral, and equipment ground

    the three wire plug/pigtail supplied is; hot, neutral, ground, and that the triple tubular connector is for daisy chaining.

  • What is the amp draw of one 8ft light? Looking to put (15) of these 8 footers on one 20 amp circuit.

    It draws .66 amps. So you should be perfectly fine to do so.

  • End cap...Bi-pin, Single contact or High Output style?

    These are with Fixture Bulbs.

  • Is WEN-8FT-INT-60W-6500K-C.1pk UL approved? It is not shown on it's page.

    yes, these light is UL Certified.

  • Can the wired information be more clearly described ? Thanks

    the three wire plug/pigtail supplied is; hot, neutral, ground, and that the triple tubular connector is for daisy chaining.

  • Are these a complete light with a plug or abulb for a light fixture

     This light is the fixture.

  • Is this 12v or 120v

    anything between 100-277v

  • Will these work in freezers?

    Operating Temperature: -4ºF to 113ºF

  • Would these work in an enclosed trailer, run off a generator or power inverter?

    yes, these will work with any (AC) current.

  • I’m looking for some just like this only 1’ long, for under my cabinet?

    Ring know We do not have any light for Cabinet.

  • How many of the 8ft lights can I run on a 10 amp breaker?

    The 8FT light you can run up to 5 fixture in 1 circuit. 

  • How long is the pigtail? Are there optional lengths for reaching J-boxes?

    The pigtail is 6 inches which come with Fixture. There optional lengths for reaching J-boxes that is 3FT long.

  • each light is 8 feet long

    Yes, each light is 8Ft long.

  • Can you daisy chain these with the 4 foot version of this light in the same string?

    yes. you can daisy chain only 4 light together.

  • My garage door opener doesn't work if I put LED bulbs in it. Will these fixtures affect it adversely?

    They should not create any interference, especially if wired separately. 

  • are 4 packs of this light cheaper

    No, it's not but you will qualify for free shipping. However, 10 pack & 20-packs do provide a discount on the lights.

  • what is the warranty on these?

    It has a 5-year hassle free warranty.

  • When direct wiring what color of wire is what?

    We cannot give wiring information for safety reasons.

  • which wire is hot

    Black is typically hot, but I cannot say this with accuracy about your light because colors and they way people see them might vary.

  • My shop has 12 T12 flouresant 8’ bulbs if I pull out the ballasts I can just pop your bulbs in and good to go?

    No, these are independent fixtures which should be directly wired (without ballast).

  • How many amps does each 8 ft fixture need?


  • What LED bulbs replace T12 fluorescent 8 foot bulbs

    Any of out T8's will replace them.

  • how much is shipping on 4 to zip 62250

    If you buy 4 it would be over $99 so shipping is free.

  • Do hard wires go into fixture?

    Yes, you can hardwire these tubes.


    These lights are not recommended for outside use in wet or damp areas.

  • How long is the pig tail that comes with the light? If a 3ft. is available, how much are they?

    You can find the 3ft connecting cable in the accessories section of our website which retails for $2.50 only.

  • how do you turn on & off ? thanks

    If you buy a switch to connect them to, you'd use that. If you direct wired them, you would have a switch for whatever you wired them into, like the wall or ceiling. 

  • Is it a plug in the wall cord ?

    No, these come with pigtails to direct wire to power supply and daisy chain up to 4 together. We do sell integrated 3, 6, and 10ft power cords, though, on our Accessories page.

  • Do those get hook up directly to 110v?

    Yes, these will work anywhere from 100-277v.

  • I need dimmable and soft white for residential install and do have dimmer switches for said lighting looking at 120 feet of LED lighting

    The integrated tubes that we offer are not dimmable, unfortunately.

  • Are there any issues with cold temperatures?

    They have performed well in cold temperature as per our knowledge. We haven't received any such concerns.

  • How many what I need in a 30 by 40 garage with 9-foot ceiling

    You will need about 10-12 of these lighting fixtures.

  • I am planning a 10 pack purchase, what will i need to daisy chain 3 rows of 3? can I connect these to one another or do I need to order additional short pigtails?

    you will need connecting cable. You can find the same in our accessories section.

  • Are these 110 or 220 if they can be wired up either way what would be your advice to Run 110 to him or 220 I know most things with you 20 you have a less voltage draw

    100-277 V will do.

  • I am looking at a 20 pack what kind of wires and connectors come with it

    It will have 3 clips, 3 screws, 3 lead anchors & a pigtail for each tube (x20 for 20 pack).

  • One of your pictures shows what appears to be a connector cable, but it only shows one end of it. Is this a connector cable?

    Those are pigtails which are used to direct wire one end and use the other to daisy chain (or connect together) up to 4 of these. We sell individul 3, 6, and 10ft intregrated connecting cables under our Accessories tab.

  • I'm building a shop 36' wide X 60' long, if I would run these the 60' length how many rows of lights would you recommend, and spaced apart?

    We'd say about 20-21 lights total would be sufficient for you!

  • I lost the mounting brackets for 1 of my lights. How do l get new ones?

    Just give us a call at 502-309-9936 and we can help you order some new ones.

  • Trying to place order,can't find the check out section, on my cellphone

    Can you please check it again by refreshing or clicking cart button on top left.

  • Why can you only chain connect 4 in a row?

    That's recommended for safety.

  • Can these lights be installed under a outdoor shed with no walls?

    Sure! Send us pictures when you're done so we can see how they look! 

  • I have wired the pig tail and plugged the light in. The switch is on and the lights do not come on. What are the trouble shooting suggestions?

    Have you made sure they're running on about 120V? And your wiring has been done for single-ended power, right?

  • I have a new 40 ft. x 60 ft. shop 12 height. would ten of these be all the light i need ?

    That should be suitable, yes. depends on spacing as well but I think that should work.

  • What’s suggested ceiling height for these?

    At least 10ft up, probably 20ft up highest to maintain the higher area of space that will be lit

  • How many can be connected together at one Time?

    You can connect up to 6 together. (400W)

  • Where can you put the 14-2 wire from ceiling down threw fixture putting in 8 ft lites but don’t want to see any connecting cables end or middle or does it matter wiring a new garage and plywooding ceiling

    You could use a piece of wood and drop it down and have the cables going above that, held down by something. 

  • I purchased 26 of these and they all work great except when my furnace is running there are 4 lights that flicker the entire time, when the furnace turns off they go back to normal, any ideas?

    LEDs give off a small signal so it could be interferring with it. I recommend moving the lights further away/furnace further away, or buying a diffuser to block the signal. 

  • Can these lights (T8 8ft V Shape LED Tube 60W Integrated 6500k Clear) be hardwired to power?


  • How long is the pig tail that is included?

    It's 13 inches.

  • I would be mounting these 15ft above my shop floor. Will it adequately light all the way to the floor?

    That will be fine!

  • What is the height of each unit? Is 4 the maximum that can be chained together? Does this number increase if I am combining different lenghts?

    The height of each tube is 1.5 inches. You can chain up to 6 together if they're 8ft 60W and yes you can use a few more with lower wattage just don't surpass 400W. 

  • When will these lights be available?

    They'll be available at the end of this month

  • What is the temperature ranges ( hot to cold) these LEDs can operate in

    The operating temperatures are -4ºF to 113ºF

  • This product is currently out of stock, when will be available?

    These tubes should be back in stock most likely this Friday, the 18th. If not, it'd be any time next week. 

  • Is there a delay from when the switch on the wall is flipped and the bulbs actually illuminate? I've tried two brands so far and they both have a 2 second delay between being switched to actually on.

    These should be instant-starting lights, and we haven't had a complaint yet.

  • I'm looking for some type of ceiling mounts that are better than the clips that come with the lights, those break to easy. What if any do you have that work with these ?

    We've never gotten any complaint about the quality of our clips so those are the ones we send with our tubes.

  • On the three wires what color is hot and what color is ground

    The black is hot, the green is ground, and white is neutral. 

  • Can these just be wired up to a power source straight from the box without there being pre-existing lights?

    These don't go into a fixture at all. And yes that is how they are wired.

  • How long is the pigtail

    It is 13 inches.

  • is there a dimmable version of this fixture

    None of our tubes are currently dimmable.

  • what is the length of the provided pigtail

    It is 13 inches long.

  • Will these lights work well at 14 foot shop height if so how far apart do you recommend... thanks

    Yes, but I'd recommend dropping to 5000K or getting them in Frosted since the ceiling is a little lower. Most people like to space these out about 5-10ft apart, but some like to connect them all in a line (up to 4 in a line.) It's really about your preferences and space!

  • Are these replacement bulbs for existing fluorescent light fixtures?

    No, these are meant to be mounted to any flat surface and then get hard-wired into the power supply.

  • I would like to know if I could moundthese under a patio cover I had installed at my daughters house. If so how much do they weigh. I would have to mount them on a flat service under the cover has no beams would have to silicon or liquid nail ect could this light work for my situation. This is a total light with fixture and bulbs hard wired correct and do they just plug together to use 2 Thank you sorry so long but need to know before ordering.

    They're not even a pound each. They lights come with mounting clips to install them and we don't recommend using tape or glue as that'd void your warranty. And yes they do get hard-wired and you could connect up to 4 8ft ones together. They each come with a 1ft connecting cable and 13-inc long pigtail, but we also offer 3ft, 6ft, 10ft cables and a 6ft power cord.

  • Do you sell an outdoor waterproof version of this? Specifically for sign canopies.

    It's IP44 rated so it should be fine!

  • Do these have a UL number

    They don't have anything available yet for 6500K.

  • would it be ok to wire four eight foot tubes in parallel instead of daisy chain

    What do you mean?

  • 6500 Kelvin color & 7200 lumens!! What is the actual wattage this tube replicates?

    It replaces a 160W fluroescent.

  • will lights work in cold temperatures in unheated garages in winter


  • What is the brightest one cause i have a barber shop i want the best lighting for it?

    The one in the link is the brightest. The 6500K is what you want.

  • Which color wire is hot, neutral, ground? The colors don’t seem to follow household wire colors

    The blue is negative, brown is positive, and yellow is the ground.

  • how much are they if you buy a 20 pack?

    $490.00, as shown for the 20-pack price.

  • can I run 4 lights pigtailed together off 120 volt circuit

    Yes, you can 4 or up to 4 lights in a line with these 60W, 240W total.

  • what is the max number you can link together?

    You can link up to 4 8ft 60W tubes together, for a total of 240W.

  • What brand are these?

    They are WEN Lighting tubes.

  • How many 8 foot lights can you plug into a row?

    You can connect up to 6 of these lights together.