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Collection: King Size Mattress

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About King Size Mattress

Know your king size mattress before you buy it

King size mattress is 76 inches wide and 80 inches long mattress. When it comes to the choice of material, you can find king size mattresses in both innerspring mattress and memory foam mattress types.

At 76" X 80", A king size mattress makes an ideal bed for a couple. Although a double or full-size mattress can accommodate a couple, it does not provide enough space to move around. A double mattress is enough for two people if they prefer sleeping close enough. But, if a couple prefers some extra sleep space, it is smart to buy a king-size mattress, instead of a double size mattress.

king size mattress that features memory foam is thebest mattress type for couples and adults who prefer to sleep on a supple, and spacious bed. Some people find it hard to fall asleep when something interrupts their sleep. A memory foam mattress in king-size will allow a peaceful sleep because it will absorb any motion happening on the mattress.

Some people take more time than usual to fall asleep. A memory foam mattress in king-size is ideal for fastidious sleepers as it offers a comfortable surface to sleep. The mattress takes the shape of the sleepers body while providing adequate support. Such mattresses are also beneficial for people who prefer sleeping on their side or stomach.

Aking size mattress that features innerspring is ideal for couples and adults who prefer sleeping on a firm, and spacious bed. It is an excellent choice for people who like a springy bed instead of a sinking-in feel. Innerspring mattresses that feature the use of organic padding (to create the comforting layer) are ideal for people who are allergic to poly foam. Also, the use of organic materials in an innerspring mattress makes it cooler than other mattress types.

If you find yourself stuck in the dilemma of whether to buy a supple memory foam king-size mattress or a firm innerspring king-size mattress, let us help you.

Go for the supple-memory foam mattress if you want to enjoy a sinking-in feel each time you throw your body on the bed. Do not worry about the mattress getting heated by your body's warmth. Cooling mattress pads or mattress toppers will fix the problem for you! You can also look for a gel memory foam mattress in king-size, instead of investing in a mattress pad.

Choose the innerspring king-size mattress, in case you need a firmer bed that will help you keep your back straight while sleeping. Yet, if you prefer an innerspring mattress for its firmness; and despise it for the fact that the entire mattress moves in response to the moton at one point of the mattress: a hybrid king-size mattress will be your holy grail. Hybrid mattresses feature the innerspring design and a memory foam comfort layer. Hence, these offer the springy feel of an innerspring mattress along with the supple feel of a memory foam mattress.

Saying that we are sure that you'll now be able to find the best mattress when looking for a king-size mattress. Yet, do remember to ask for discounts and deals when shopping from online mattress stores. Considering that many mattress sellers offer mattresses on sale, it should be easy for you to find the right mattress at a reasonable price.

Happy Shopping!