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Collection: Table Lamp

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About Table Lamp

Today Lighting fixtures are an integral part of every home decor plan. Any modern living space design is incomplete without the right amount of illumination. If you are not getting the desired light at one or another place of your home, then table lamps can be a great add on for your home plan. As per the need, it could be a big one or also a small table lamp.

A lamp could be a fantastic pick in case you need additional light in a particular area without making any changes to the decor. Desk up-lighters can do it right for you without disturbing the coherence of your room design and decorative plan. At BUILDMyplace, we have an assortment of desk lamps for your home, but before you place an order, we want you to consider these points.

Table lamp: Perfect Solution for your lighting needs

Table lamp can quickly sort the illumination requirements in a home due to the flexibility and adaptability they offer to the homes. They can be an elegant lighting solution for your home decor as they can easily fit in almost anywhere at your home. They are light in weight so they can be rested comfortably on any room furniture, be it the living room, office or bedroom. You can make good use of a big or small table lamps for

  • Decorative Needs: Desk lamps with beautiful floral design on it is liked by many in their living as well as bedroom. Especially if you are having wallpapers installed with a similar design, then it becomes an obvious choice. Desk lamps with geometric designs are also a perfect choice to give an appeal to your home decor.
  • Reading Needs: You need not only be a student to be a reader. As per a quarterly survey by Nielson in 2018,

US adults are spending more than 11 hours a day on average or about two-thirds of their waking time consuming media in some format. 

This content could be anything from newspapers, magazines, digital media, TV shows, and so on. So, in your bedroom or living room if you are reading something, make sure you have a table lamp installed at the height of your eyes.

  • Extra Lighting: Placement of a lighting fixture is an important aspect where you should pay enough attention I you want to maximize the results. For example, placing a desk lamp near a mirror in the living room can be a great illumination enhancing trick.
  • Shade and design Variation: Using varying light shades in your bedroom allows you to utilize the lighting fixtures optimally. For example, you can make an additional light dispersion with a lamp having dark light shade or shady domes.

Why should I use bedroom lamps?

If your bedroom is located at one such place where sunlight finds it tough to enter, you should consider our table lamps. With them, you can have the optimum light balance when you do not want or required to turn on the ceiling lamps, pendants or sconces. They are a perfect fit even though in case If you have sufficient natural light available at your dispense then you might avoid the bedroom lamps.

Additionally, be extra careful about the bulb you are putting in a bedside table lamps. An ideal lamp table should provide a balanced light but not a shiny one with harsh light.

How to select an ideal table lamp for my room?

For different people, the requirements may vary due to the end goal they are trying to achieve with the lamps. Broadly the needs can be categorized for Living rooms, Bedrooms, and Study Rooms. If you searching for a one fits for all lamp option, then you can check White light lamps as they easily fit in.

For living rooms, touch, tiffany, or even regular lamps with a decent design will serve the purpose. In bedrooms, you can use a desk lamp differently (near the chair, bedside lamps, etc). Study or reading rooms involve bright lighting in which you can sit and read without a problem for a longer time. So, buying a desk lamp with a dimmer can be a sensible choice as you can adjust it as per your needs.