Emma 6" Twin Mattress Foam Set of 2 in White with 10 Years Warranty

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Emma 6" Twin Mattress Foam Set of 2 in White with 10 Years Warranty

Regular price $289.75
Sale price $289.75 Regular price $833.00
Product description

"Introducing an affordable boxed bed solution, Emma features a 0.75 inch top layer of memory foam, 5.25-inch dense layer of responsive foam, and a quilted polyester fabric cover with stitched padding for an extra layer of comfort.

The Emma 6 Memory Foam Twin Mattress features:

- An off-white quilted polyester cover
- A premium quality Memory Foam layer
- A responsive foam layer

Avant-grade materials for enhanced comfort

The Emma 6 Memory foam twin mattress highlights the use of fine-quality polyester fabric that covers two layers of supple foam. The first layer features 0.75 inches of memory foam, and the second layer is a 5.6 inches thick responsive foam. The combination of the two types of foam will offer enhanced comfort to the sleeper.

Best mattress type for single yet extravagant sleepers

For those who love to stretch on their bed while sleeping, the Emma 6 mattress is the right choice to make. At 80.5 inches long, this mattress will allow the extravagant sleepers to stretch as much as they want. Also, the mattress is best for single tall sleepers. With Emma, you do not have to worry about your legs sprawling out of bed!

An extra mattress for amicable households

Friends and family can pay a visit on the most unexpected days! Hence, having an extra memory foam mattress at home is a smart choice. This mattress comes in a compact box, so you can store it in a closet or basement, and spread it open when needs be.

Set Includes:
Two - Emma Twin Mattress"


Product Specifications

Assembly Required: Yes
Dimensions (L x W x H): 75x39x12 Inch
Length: 75 Inch
Product Materials: the foam size is 38 X 74 X 4.5, The sewing stitch is fire-proof standard. Vacuum package. In winter the recovery time for foam mattress is 72h, and in summer normally 2h, memory foam
Weight: 43 lbs
Color: White
Height: 43 lbs
MPN (Part No.): MOD3409
Warranty: 1 Year
Width: 39 Inch
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