T8 LED Tube Light, 8ft 48W, 6500K, 5760 Lumens, Base Type R17, Clear

T8 LED Tube Light, 8ft 48W, 6500K, 5760 Lumens, Base Type R17, Clear

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MPN: TB051
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T8 LED Tube Light, 8ft 48W, 6500K, 5760 Lumens, Base Type R17, Clear
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8ft 48W T8 LED Tube, 5760 Lumens, 48 Watt, IP44, 120W Replacement, Dual Ended 6500 Kelvin, R17 Base, Utility Shop And Ceiling Light

Out of the three main sizes in LED tube -- 2ft, 4ft, and 8ft, the 8ft can be considered as the brightest LED tube because of its ability to deliver a higher lumen output to serve larger applications and higher energy efficiency than what you get with the other sizes. While our 8ft LED tube is available in two main wattages -- 40W & 48W, the 48W can deliver a significant amount of lumens -- 5760 lumens. Having a beam angle of more than 120 degrees, the 8ft LED tube has 3-4 times longer lifespan than the fluorescent tubes, considering the longest lifespan of any fluorescent tube as 15,000 hours. This 8ft LED tube works without ballast and hence the ballast must be bypassed. With an excellent heat dissipation system, this 8ft LED Tube is designed to work smoothly and for longer. The 48W 8ft LED tube can replace 120W of any 8ft fluorescent tube and bring about 75% of energy savings.    
As a UL listed product, the 8ft LED tube is high on safety. You have a completely risk-free 5 years of warranty from the manufacturer's end when you make 8ft LED tube as your lighting choice. 


  • Efficient Heat Dissipation mechanism: The heat dissipating mechanism of the 8ft LED tube allows the tube to remain sufficiently cool while in operation and hence operation and maintenance of this 8ft LED tube is fairly easy and convenient.
  • Instant Start, No flickering or humming: In extreme contrast with fluorescent tubes, the 8ft LED tube does not flicker  and hence lights up without any waiting time. 
  • Longer Life Expectancy: The 8ft LED tube will last for 50,000 hours if you run the tube for 24 hours a day, more if run for only 12 hours.  
  • The base type: This 8ft LED tube comes in Rotatable R17D (HO) to retrofit the existing fluorescent fixtures.  
  • Install Easily: This 8ft LED tube can be installed by bypassing the ballast and making a direct wiring with the line source.  
  • 30 Days Return & 5 years of Warranty: If in case, this product is found to have any manufacturing defect, it can be returned within 30 days. You have a 5 years of warranty from the manufacturer's end for your hassle-free product trial and usage. 

Ballast Bypass

This LED tube requires you to either remove the ballast or bypass it. We have prepared a step-by-step guide to help you bypass the ballast to successfully install your LED tube.

Flicker Free

Whether it's 2ft, 4ft or 8ft LED tube, one of the jaw-dropping features of LED tubes is that they don't flicker unlike what you would have definitely observed in case of fluorescent tubes. The LED tubes start instantly and once they start, they don't flicker and produce a humming sound.    

IP44 Rated

The LED tubes that are either clear or frosted have an IP44 rating. This rating signifies that our LED tubes are protected against dust-tight (objects in the dust that are of size more than 1mm) and protected against water-ingress from all directions. For such reasons, LED tubes are safe for use in areas where there is moisture and water.  E.g. Bathrooms, kitchens etc. 

Voltage Input

The LED tubes accept an input voltage of 120V-277V. You can go for a waterproof transformer in case you don't have this voltage and wish to convert this voltage range to some other.   

Low Maintenance Cost

The LED tubes will require low or no maintenance if you are going for a ballast bypass option of LED tube installation. Though not very frequent, but you may have to replace the ballasts once in the total lifetime of LED tubes, if you are going for ballast compatibility option and hence you will have to bear with slightly higher maintenance costs when choosing the former option.

>50,000 Life Hours

The lifespan of LED tubes is no less than 50,000 hours or 5.7 years if the tubes are operated upon for 24 hours a day. Can last longer, if the tubes are kept ON for only 12 hours a day.  

CRI >80

The CRI being greater than 80 for LED tubes, whatever object comes in the light distribution range appears to be real and natural up to 80% extent on a CRI scale of 1-100 and as it would have appeared in the natural light.  

120 Degree Beam Angle

The 120 degrees or ultra wide beam angle is made use of when large areas need to be covered. All our LED tubes whether clear or frosted have a 120-degree beam angle. 

Energy Saving

The LED tubes can save energy up to 75% in extreme contrast with fluorescent tubes that consume lot of energy to bring you a higher energy bill. We highly recommend going for our LED tubes that are an excellent combo of lumen brightness and energy-savings.

Aluminium Heat Sink

The LED tubes have a big heat sink made of aluminium and that's a pretty good reason as to why the LED tubes don't warm up too soon to be in consistent operation. This is in extreme contrast with the fluorescent tubes that warmed up too soon and required cooling down to operate efficiently.   

LED Chip

Embedded inside the LED tube is a high-quality standalone chip -- SMD LED -- made from any number of chips to ensure high performance and reliability.   

Product Specifications

Base Type: R17D
Certifications: UL
CRI: >80 CRI
Dimensions (L x W x H): 96
LED Type: 2835
Lumens: 5760 Lumens
MPN (Part No.): TB051
Safety Rating: UL
Warranty: 5 Years
Beam Angle:120 Degree Beam Angle
Color Temperature (Kelvin):6500 Kelvin
Damp Location:Damp Location
IP Rating:IP44 Rated
Life Hours:50,000 Hours
Metal Halide Equal:80 Watt Replacement
Operating Temprature:-4 F TO +113 F
Voltage:100-277 Volt
Wattage:48 Watt

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    BUILDMYPLACE 8ft 48W T8 LED Tube - Clear Glass - 6500K, 5760LM - R17 Plug N Play - Ballast Compatible - 5000K Shop Light Fixture Review

    Great product. Easy to install and very bright for my garage. Lights are white in color and illuminated very well.

    Michael G.
    BUILDMYPLACE 8ft 48W T8 LED Tube - Clear Glass - 6500K, 5760LM - R17 Plug N Play - Ballast Compatible - 5000K Shop Light Fixture Review

    Remarkable. Far better than I or my electrician friend ever expected.

    BUILDMYPLACE 8ft 48W T8 LED Tube - Clear Glass - 6500K, 5760LM - R17 Plug N Play - Ballast Compatible - 5000K Shop Light Fixture Review

    I only put these in one of 26 fixtures to try them. My fixtures are 14 ' 6" off the floor and wanted to see if the light would go that far. The only problem I had is these LED tubes are 5/16" longer than the HO fluorescent tubes I removed. I had to make adjustments to the fixture and barely got them in. I plan to convert the remainder of one row ( 6 more fixtures ) to be sure they make enough light.

    William M.
    BUILDMYPLACE 8ft 48W T8 LED Tube - Clear Glass - 6500K, 5760LM - R17 Plug N Play - Ballast Compatible - 5000K Shop Light Fixture Review

    Took out 30 8 foot lights in a 40x60 barn and replaced with 10 led. Twice as bright

    troy b.

    Questions & Answers

    Ask a Question
    • Is there any type of warranty on these lamps?

      yes, these bulbs come with a 5 year warranty.

    • Are these now available with rotating ends?

      Yes, these tubes are now available with rotating ends.

    • How do you bypass ballast? Just remove, and connect wires?

      yes, you are correct.

    • Are these compatible with T12 recessed double contact base fixtures?

      yes, These are compatible with T12 recessed double contact base fixtures.

    • Do these come with a recessed double contact end?

      yes, these are double contact end.

    • I have two prongs like the 4 ft bulb has on my 8 ft bulbs with 2 bulbs in one fixture how would this bulb work in the fixture..

      R17 have two prongs they will need to take caps off to expose the T8 pins

    • will these cause radio ( fm ) interference?

      No, have never received such complaints.

    • What is the ambient operating temperature range?

      -4°F to 125°F

    • In your picture of the 8 LED bulb. Are those end caps, for protection of dual pins of standard lighting and also for conversion of the wiring adapter harnesses. You offer

      Since R17 tubes are generally installed outdoor with exposure to Humidity and Moisture, those end caps protect them from Rust.

    • What are the ballast wiring modifications needed for the T8 8ft 48W R17 LED Tube Light 5800 Lumens 6500K Clear lamps ?

      We do not have any install sheets for these tubes.

    • Will the T-8 8 ft 48w R 17 led replace a GE F 96 T8-SP35 HO?

      It can replace 2 of them.

    • can these be used with shunted or non-shunted sockets or both ?

      They can be used with shunted tombstombs.


      Shipping will be free on orders above $99 if not mentioned otherwise. It can take 4-5 business days for an item to arrive (In stock Inventory).

    • Hello, I purchased 4 of the eight foot tubes for my garage and am now experiencing severe FM radio interference. Is there a suppressor or something else I can do to reduce or eliminate it? Thank you!

      Please make sure that the bulbs aren't wired to anything that emits a frequency!

    • After installing these lights I now have static on the shop radio. Do you have a solution ? Thanks

      Please check to make sure there is nothing wried with the tubes that produces a frequency.

    • This bulb is line voltage? Just put 277v to the tombstone with a neutral on the other side? Can I get a wiring diagram?

      WE currently do not have one for the r17 model.

    • I have 8' VHO fixtures will these bulb sockets fit in my fixtures?

      Yes as long as thoseare the ends that you need, and they will hold 100-277v. 

    • where is the installation bypassing ballast instructions?

      We can't give you the information ourselves as it could pose a danger risk to you if you are not well versed in wiring these. I would recommend hiring a licensed electrician for the bypass. 


      Yes, they will. It can range from 100-277v.

    • Will these fit in a high output socket

      Yes, it will. It can range from 100-277v.

    • Do you sell the socket replacement for this type of bulb?

      We do only sell non-shunted tombstones.

    • Do you need to change the tombstones on the old fixture?

      Yes, they will need non-shunted tombstones since the ballast must be removed.

    • Do you sell tombstones for these lamps?

      We do, they're non-shunted tombstones on the Accessories tab at the top of our page.

    • Do you bypass the ballast


    • Do these require a ballast or are they direct wire?

      The driver is already inside of the tube and the ballast in your old fixture needs to be removed. 

    • Ballast bypass?


    • Are they double sided and what voltage input

      Yes, and 120V is ideal.

    • Will this replace my HO fluorescent?


    • Will these interchangeable with the two pronu

      These replace traditional High Output tubes. 


      Yes they will!

    • Are these single sided or double? I am looking at replacing fluorescent bulbs in a double sided sign. Thanks

      They're single-sided tubes. We do offer double sided, which are Integrated Tubes and get mounted to flat surfaces.

    • Is a T12 fluorescent high output socket shunted or non-shunted

      Shunted as it's double-ended powerbut must be High Output compatible tombstones.

    • do you carry a R17D bulb with 2 rows of leds, angled to create a wider beam angle of 180 or 270 degrees?

      We carry an R17 in 5000K and 6500K, but unfortunately only our Integrated tubes have the V-shape with 2 rows of LEDs as well as a 180 degree beam angle, but are only mounted to flat surfaces and cannot be used inside of a fixture.. These R17 tubes currently have a beam angle of 120 degrees.

    • One of the listed feedback guys said he had to modify the holder of his HO bulbs to allow for the extra length of 5/16" on your LED tubes. Are the HO special? How do I tell if I will need to modify? I will be 18' high, access with rented bucket. Do not need a project with lights/power "off".

      No, you'll simply bypass your ballast and then install these as double-ended power tubes.

    • How many amps is each tube double sided 8’

      At 120V, it'd be .4A.

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